Help me unravel these songs unsung

dreams without sleep

my heart still aches

I have left so many people in my past

those who I loved and adored

who hurt too much.

thinking time was endless

and there would be enough to reconnect.

the smiles that endure

in my heart

the memories made

are all thats left.

When a soul is swept away

the oblivion that stands so long

it aches to be challangend .


words never spoken

words never heard

maybe they could have saved

a life gone too soon.

The darkness that dwelled so long in those days

like the never ending winter

where we were just recovering

from one accident

drinking ourselves into another.

The group that set us apart

let us stand together

like a never ending party

I grew up and moved out too soon.

One hit is all it takes till death curls up in bed

sucking your last breath

leaving your children lost.

leaving all those that shared this life

without a friend.

I steped away to save myself

to save my children.

I am reminded with each passing obituary

how much we all meant to each other.

now matter how much time passes

the wounds never healed

I wonder, if  I had stepped up sooner

would that have changed anything?

The light of potential had shown in our eyes

we hid with careless disguise

now our children are our benifactors.

Life choice that never cease to unravel

our latest mistake


4 thoughts on “unravel”

      1. Thank you…. it’s interesting how so many memories and feelings come flooding back when something like this happens it has been forever sence I saw her and of course couldn’t stop writing. sometimes it just flows. Love and light to you as well in all of your creativity


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