standing in the sun

sensual secrets

illusive meetings

I can’t stand anywhere other than the light

with sun shining on my face, my palms and my rights

my dreams  printed motions on my sleeves

tears rimmed the barrels with just enough

to turn to whisky with moonshining on

my vintage reason.

this is just the right time

to start singing through rusty wind charms


and rain falling leaving an eternity of

overlapping circles without rhyme or reason

only a rogue gypsy can tell the future from the ripples

that wonder her way.

whispering ways of fire ash

my maple sap is running I should be happy

but the snow on the ground has my feet all slushy

It’s time once again to strip my layers

and stand in the sun for prayers

My hands are tingly waiting for a body to heal

waiting to touch a soul

and ravish  paradise


4 thoughts on “standing in the sun”

    1. Thank you Noora:) You have me geeking out…. check out my video. This is me pushing poetry to the ends of my universe… I have done this for most of my last book and I want to make it into an interactive book… Little by little

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I just watched the whole video and I loved it!! An interactive book is such a great idea. I really admire your creativity – impressive!!


      2. Thank you!!! I love making them, almost a complusion to keep evolving words in ways they have never been made… sorry I just saw this!!! I hope all is well with you Noora:) love and light~Michelle

        Liked by 1 person

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