twilight/ 39

It’s the blue twilight

that interests me the most

like the Indigo morning after a snowstorm

or a full moon in an orchard of dancing trees

These twilights

let your mind wander and play

like an escaped convict of the subconscious

tearing through the gates unarmed.

I let my guard down


those mornings of misty eyed

from lackadaisical sleep.

sensual erotic air falls to the stillness

of the sunrise.

exploring dreams and fantasies uncharted .

I am so honored in this moment

My heart is about to burst into a million particles of

light and love

The truth and reality of the situation

It matters to whom

I asked in the long run?

All the justifications in the world

won’t make me dance.

Nor denying this growing feeling

that escapes with a smile

each time we meet.

In the corners of the world

I am here


4 thoughts on “twilight/ 39”

  1. Reblogged this on Crowningshield's Blog and commented:

    I am such a terrible speller!!!!!!!!! Thank you all for your patience with me. I was so absolutely inspired by Noora this morning I just let it go into the ethernet from my heart to wp without editing as I sometimes do,,, You all see my naked words and still ‘like’ me…. I looooooove you all


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