play me some music/39

Just give me something I can feel

In between

two sides of myself

a vibration of harmony

Something to gyrate my life

move me all night

breaking bonds from tradition

singing songs

I’m not a musician

I just love to play

geeking out on sound

and lack of structure

I’m set free

by music

rippling through my body

noise transfusion

by diffusion

through my pores I can feel it echo

through my blood and bones

radiating in my brain

live musicians are shamans

playing harmonies

inspiring dancers

jamming reality


healing time and space with their song

I’m grateful

to seduce and inspire raising vibrations

with my dancing

reckless abandon

melodies releasing the past and fueling the future

Finding and old instrument

that has seen many years

ideas, players and stages

is so erotic teasing me

with history

feels the same way

a gift from the goddess with pealing paint

and unleashed

raining down in inspired melodies

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