The secret,

I love this piece. It was sweet in the writing with an interesting turn.

Crowningshield's Blog

originally published in Ascent Aspirations  Dec. 2010 / Jan 2012

The Secret

Walking against the moons light; a shadow following behind me, my pace quickens.

My breath is deeper, faster in the cool air. The darkness is on one side of everything with silver iridescent light cast on the other. Simple objects bearing resemblance to mythical creatures, but I stay focused. My weight landing on my toes first than as I feel the ground under me I carefully place my foot down. I’m making little noise as I run through the forest crushing the leaves with every step. The time doesn’t matter had I known prior to this I would have been prepared. I have looked everywhere and can’t find them. She is close behind and can’t hear them. Nothing.

My words are gone, nowhere to be found. It is like the vital life force has been taken from…

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