Happenstance/38/Quantum spirituality/Soul love saga

A little more loved on the journey to the finish as I work on this interactive Ibook quantum spirituality…

Crowningshield's Blog

“Was it Happenstance ?

Everything that led to this moment?”
The image reflecting back in the mirror asks.
My eyes surrounded by lines that look like wings.
My eyes searching the soulless reflection looking for
truth in all that is placed before me.
A spiritual goddess on a quest for destiny
sifting through the reality delivered
or the catamount sex appeal.
Driven away from Babylon in a rage of glory.
Fighting demons to deliver a sense of normalcy
contingent on a plan.
Where sergeancy is irrelevant and obstacles
mount higher than my will most days.
I am trapped by my own beliefs and would starve in the face of adversity.
Believing I could survive off of organic rations unattained by usda.
Actually making a life lived well off of the land and art.
Basking in the glory of the gifts of the Goddess
through the winds of want
swimming in…

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