Keeping evolutional fires burning/38/Quantum spirituality

Keeping evolution fires burning

This is the end!!!!!!
The end of recognizance
to others undeserving.
Time to inspire lead and initiate greatness.
True bonds without bondage
love without obligation or angst.
This is the time to settle in after a long fight
and relax,
Its time to let me mind be free
from activity,
noise transmission
from city scape to country.
We move letting our vibration
settle down from transition
becoming in tuned into nature.
Quiet as the snow starts to fall
blocking out sounds that escape.
sound scape’s of nature
becoming in tune with the mountains
after fall.
Mountains that ask to be climbed and explored.
Releasing aggression and toxicity
Releasing anxiety.
Letting it compost back to the earth
serving purpose for essential survival.
But not us, not here not now.
She winds out of control
spewing negative emotion that she has absorbed from
her ecosystem releasing all her venom on me.
Everyone releases their venom on me
targeted and confuse a chain reaction begins.
It’s time to move.
it’s time to let go
of all that we hold onto
all that serves no purpose anymore.
Dragging chaos and calamity through
the frozen river to be eaten by
bottom feeders.
I am done
feeding pain
feeding suffering
it is time to heal
it is time to be influential in healing
to set visions a float in the atmosphere
letting them rest in the minds of those we come in contact with
letting them wake that mordent fire
that has been  dormant and smoldering for too long
let it burn
let it rise
let the smoke and prayers
be carried to the sky
to the gods and goddess waiting their arrival
waiting for change
waiting for us to recognize that things can be different
that our cognitive abilities can handle
our gifts that we can evolve.
Nothing between

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