Songs of the gypsy guitar/35/soul love saga/quantum spirituality

Repulishing Quantum spirituality with new work, remade… in paper and ibooks as an interactive book.

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Songs of the Gypsy earth Magik

Dancing through the air.

I can only imagine the knowing hands that dance on the rifts.

baile, baile, Baile.

The strings played created memories

in the moments that make you feel 

in a timeless existence.

Mystical lyrics 
fill the night air.

Capturing the stories in the tune 
like Ocean waves carried by the moon.

Clipper ships mark the territory in the ripples they leave behind,

gathering momentum in the turn of the tide.
Finger tips tapping on the strings echoing 
in the chaos of the mind.

Clicking of the heals 
echoing like drums ’round a fire.

Like the heart beat of the divine 
a momentary lapse of reasoning.
an illusionary bonding,

customary apocalyptic revaluations

crossing dimensions through time,

escaping justice through the lyrical rhyme.
Feeling the vibration 
in every cell of my body.

Creating change

present and future 
 with each…

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