Do you know/38

Do you know you’ve been my muse for a while I dream,

fantasize and paint you in my life.

LIke wild embers burning in a warm glowing light.

My celestial self recognizes all that is hidden in deep sub conscious terrains navigating the depth of my soul.

My pendulum swings your way.

My tarot reading said you were in my future and past.

I give you me.

All of me.

And intuitive healing,

Just give me a reason  to save myself for the ultimate

once in a lifetime love.

One reason to believe I dance in your dreams and play in your mind.

I see your eyes linger and it melts me.

Theres no tomorrow

I run after my composure to catch my breath.

2 thoughts on “Do you know/38”

    1. Thanx:) sometimes it just flows….. I have been so busy working on my new book and finishing the video’s for quantum re-release :0 I didn’t see your comment…. love and light darlin I can’t wait to catch up on your new stuff..


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