Hello from the other side

It’s Monday morning 

I love to hibrinate in the winter and create and cleanse. I have had busy hands but when I am stuck I clean until I get my next project in mind. The art I create is sacred and I treat it so…  I started working on another magic cape on satin lavender. 

Six hours into this piece I spilled lavender tea on it. I picked it up with this wet bubble paint augh!!! 

We will make it work for us. Sometimes a great piece is about pushing through an obstacle and finding a way to make it work. This case I sprinkled gold sparkles. It is a magic cape.

Here is some of the goods I made here is the scarf I made for a custom order. I love when pieces are meant to be as this one that finished with just a little yarn left!!🙏🏼⭐️🌈

 Another custom order I sent off was this dream catcher talisman 

 She asked for a garnet so I had apiece I had to carve out of the matrix sanded and oiled with love it’s on it’s way home now in Pennsylvania 😉

Here are scenes from home 


Full moon 🌟🌝🎆

  • We had a beautiful full moon. I love pulling my bed right under my window to sleep and take a moon bath.
  • Simplifying and cleaning are part of my creativity ritual.  Whenever I am stuck or uninspired this is what I do. Cleaning with intention sets your mind free to create
  • On a full moon I gather my rocks into a big glass jar full of water and set it outside under the light of the full moon. Moon dance water     
  • When I make my cleaning mix I add a dash of moon dance water that has been energized by the moon then I add a handful of sea salt and a cleaner like pinesol which is just soap and essential oil. Now the salt is a purifying element. When it dries the salt will crystallize with your moon dance waTer everywhere you clean. Many traditions use salt to purify and cleanse body and soul before a ritual.

I am sitting here with the homeschooling family while my little man is coloring by numbers. Last week we worked on astrology.  
 and here are Halle’s comets and the sun and solar system. This weekend they discovered a new planet!!!! Right outside of Neptunes orbit! You should have seen his face as he recognized the words we have worked on😄 

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Blessings, michelle 

News Sacred holistic arts style…. 

As time rolls on into the thick of winter I am left to discover the deepest recesses of my creativity.

     I am always in awe of our capabilities in the darkest of days while struggling to bring kids from here to there and where ever they need to go. instead of rampage and I often bring my arts or my crafts with me so I’m always mobile and I’m always busy and I’m always doing something. I often get asked what I’m up too and what I’m working on and what’s going on in my life so I think it’s time to start sharing because most of the time I’ve got my hands in to 50 things at once and most of those are pretty amazing… I will apologize as I am working by phone so I can stay mobile and work while I wait. 


  Last week I’ve had to deal with the passing of the really good friend, Jeff martell who is beyond amazing he lived his life to the fullest as an incredible musician. He wrote a song about me which will always play on my stereo as I recount all of our adventures. it seems that no matter how much time passes if you love somebody and then they are gone you never get to pick up where you left off hug, share moments and smiles. After I came off tour and went back to school I didn’t know how to live the life I loved without the hard core drugs that had sustained me. He taught me how to live for the music. He believed in me as a poet and we shared our work.  


 So in all this grief I put my mind to work and busy my hands  and create. That’s what I do that’s who I am;)  though I did get screwed…. Literally.. Lol I was trying to unscrew a screw in my sewing machine and put a screw driver right through my hand! Pierced it!!! Ugh but my daughter Zoe helped me pull it out!! It didn’t even bleed that much! How lucky from right in between my knuckles in the meat to the web it could have been worse.. She is going to be a dr.  And I am all better, soar but better. I can’t cry too much what would happen if there was a zombie apocalypse or something? I would have to  be tough

      Here are the divine offerings.. I promise no blood just sweat and teArs and some deep sacred connection



you can find this stuff at sacred holistic arts on etsy or check out my Facebook page with the same name 

 During the week I’ve been working with a homeschooler.  I have him choose a topic and then we go for it. we create our lessons around whatever it is that he wants to learn. last week it was reflections the first week that we started it was all about the ocean. this week we are in outerspace talking about The universe, the stars and the planets. life is good so far we’ve created two books that are pretty amazing … 

  So all this and so much more . Love and light in all you create

Where do we go from here

  •   So in this whole mess we have to find a way to make education work for everyone. We need to find effective solutions for these schools that have no money to deal with the rising problems that they are facing.

I can only speak from my expierience and my educationaexperiences for my self and my children. My kids school situation has been incredibly difficult until we got them the help that they needed. I am not saying that we are on a easy road but learning how to advocate for their needs helps tremendously. I wish each kid came with their own guide book but after years I do have more knowledge and understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

In the school of question all three of my kids went there. My boys went to this calm room and my daughter saw it but never had to go. My oldest went there several times 8 years ago and at the time I didn’t question the professional thinking they had more expierience with these unruly behaviors but questioning him now since this has come up he said he was scared and hit and kicked the door. My younger son said he just used his time to sleep and it didn’t bother him. Effective for one not so for the other. The law states that an adult must be in there. Now let’s have say an adjustment counselor in there helping them to resolve issues, give the child more tools to put into their tool box so when problems arise in the future as they inevitably will they can access this knowledge. This can’t be done by sticking a kid in solitary confinement ! Hello! These kids will grow up and be a part of our community! I think we need to treat them likely and and teach them how to be civilized good world citizens.

I read an article that the advocate put out about Holyoke schools and abuse against special needs students! This is our most fragile growing  sector of our communities. Another recent case of abuse was exposed in Northampton school.

I understand how difficult it is to parent and teach kids with developmental issues. There are too many situations happening that need to be overhauled so we can get back to learning. One comment left said well what about these kids that are coming from abusive homes or poor nutrition or or or. They still deserve education and to feel safe.  And because they may come from abusive poor homes does not mean we can let the schools get away with abusive behavior too. Corporal punishment went away for a reason.

What about an overhaul of the system thT is ineffective and not working? Stop teaching to test and teach for the love of learning! Let’s face it the teachers hate it and so don’t the kids! That could be the cause of rising problems in education!  Trying to fit everyone in a box how about filling those boxes withe dirt and planting seeds and watching them grow?

Leverett schools took my youngest son who had gotten way out of control in Newton street schools and had a host of in resolved educational problems and helped. They were amazing! They got him a Nuero psych, a behavior consultation from a psychiatrist and put into place an I e p that helps him to this day! They taught me how to advocate for him what works well for him. He learns best in a small classroom.

Some parents have said that we don’t know how to parent we don’t beAt the kids… The list goes on. With all the rising environmental toxins and poor education that doesn’t fit our kids unlimited  technology doesn’t help we do look to the professionals to do the right thing.  I guess we are all at a loss if we don’t solve these problems as children grow and become independent adults without having the ability to solve problems. They are looking to self medicate to numb pain and creating more problems in our community.

Colrain woman weaves dreams in pitchforks

again, I will happily paint a mural and or donate a dream catcher for this calm room at Hill crest school. Let’s be part of the solution not part of the problem!!

! There are a lot of really mean people in this world my goodness!!! I am not even going to respond to them personally because it takes to much time and energy and I would rather feed into a positive solution than go to war with here is only a couple: turtle boy who had to resign from his position as a history teacher because he sexually harassed woman at a Patriots game. Turtle boy ( don’t turtles hide from everything?) who posted pics of myself and friends and customers as if he knows us! Taking absolutely everything out of context as if I write everything personal on my Facebook page lol or Cindy who I went to school with who never birthed any children from her own womb and I had to unfriend from my face book for her racist rants and name calling. I am getting terribly hurtful publicity for posting pictures you would not even believe the the harassment!

This is not about me but the dozens if not hundreds of people who have been effected by this room

 this picture was taken on Monday after the superintendent went on line to say it doesn’t exist. Ok so what you are seeing here in this photo is not real. Nor did they add a few pillows which did not stop this parents child from sustaining multiple concussions. I have heard from kids  aged from 5-7 /12-16/ 20’s. That were put in the calm down room and it has had adverse effects for the long term. Most states this is illegal for a child to be isolated without an adult social adjustment counselor to help them move past these challenging behaviors. This is a community where we trust the professionals to be professional and to know. Yes children can come from all different backgrounds with all kinds of socioeconomical statuses and behavior challenges that need help overcoming their challenges to become successful world citizens? What can we do with this failing school system that has no money? What can we all do to be part of the solution and not part of the problem? Let’s stop deflecting from the issues and make our community a better place to live. What can you do?

Woman from colrain stands in her truth

I am the woman from colrain who saw the pictures and posted them. I don’t think it’s right to put little ones in there so yes I did share them. What would you do? This has  gone viral?!  I am a bit overwhelmed so please excuse me. I do want to say I am not all about the drama with pitch forks and craziness that people who don’t even know me, this family or the school are saying. I would be happy to paint a calming mural and donate a dreAm catcher to creTe a healing safe space. Much easier than dealing with all the negativity and lies that are being spread. Be part of the solutions  not part of the problem. Every kid has a right to an education and every parent has a right to know the protocols. 

 This is the room in question. Clearly you can see three white walls and two pads. Since the post many stories have come to me about this room and mistreatment and others who have good experiences. In this case the parents repeatedly said this was having adverse effects and did not want him to be put in here. He was scared when they held the door closed and left him in there while they laughed. The one on one aid was told to hold him continuously which left bruises on his arms. There were also numerous expierences that lead to his removal from hill rest to the safer environment of homeschool. There were also questions of sexual abuse by another student who kept touching this boy and when parents went to the school they were ignored. No answers were ever found or discussed. These things are illegal look at am laws http://www.doe.mass.edu/lawsregs/603cmr46.pdf

The fact that the school is now lieing  about it when so many people, kids and adults have shared this experience tells me that there is something very wrong that needs to be explored and discussed. It seems that the whole community has valid concerns and ideas about how to fix these problems and should be listened too. 

I now live in colrain. This situation came to my attention because my old neighbor asked for help in dealing with issues surrounding their case. They later asked if I could help tutor him. They had snapped a pic while discussing his education at the school at which a police officer attended and witnessed. 

My kids did attended Hillcrest8/7/5 years ago. All of my kids have complex learning and behavior problems and I assumed being an overwhelmed single mom that these professionals had the best solutions to the problems. I didn’t question their authority and assumed it was ok since my boys what my boys lacked in verbal communication they used their tempers for. The related to me that they were put in here under the same circumstances and my daughter remembers this room but never had to go there. 

As for this an that calls himself turtle boy? Seriously don’t turtles hide from everything?   You are not a nice man! Who is funding you to create such a distraction I want to know? I don’t appreciate how you treated my friends that was completely innapropriate!!!  What does colrain have to do with any of this?  

 This is where I live it’s a beautiful town full of hard working people I adore