Woman from colrain stands in her truth

I am the woman from colrain who saw the pictures and posted them. I don’t think it’s right to put little ones in there so yes I did share them. What would you do? This has  gone viral?!  I am a bit overwhelmed so please excuse me. I do want to say I am not all about the drama with pitch forks and craziness that people who don’t even know me, this family or the school are saying. I would be happy to paint a calming mural and donate a dreAm catcher to creTe a healing safe space. Much easier than dealing with all the negativity and lies that are being spread. Be part of the solutions  not part of the problem. Every kid has a right to an education and every parent has a right to know the protocols. 

 This is the room in question. Clearly you can see three white walls and two pads. Since the post many stories have come to me about this room and mistreatment and others who have good experiences. In this case the parents repeatedly said this was having adverse effects and did not want him to be put in here. He was scared when they held the door closed and left him in there while they laughed. The one on one aid was told to hold him continuously which left bruises on his arms. There were also numerous expierences that lead to his removal from hill rest to the safer environment of homeschool. There were also questions of sexual abuse by another student who kept touching this boy and when parents went to the school they were ignored. No answers were ever found or discussed. These things are illegal look at am laws http://www.doe.mass.edu/lawsregs/603cmr46.pdf

The fact that the school is now lieing  about it when so many people, kids and adults have shared this experience tells me that there is something very wrong that needs to be explored and discussed. It seems that the whole community has valid concerns and ideas about how to fix these problems and should be listened too. 

I now live in colrain. This situation came to my attention because my old neighbor asked for help in dealing with issues surrounding their case. They later asked if I could help tutor him. They had snapped a pic while discussing his education at the school at which a police officer attended and witnessed. 

My kids did attended Hillcrest8/7/5 years ago. All of my kids have complex learning and behavior problems and I assumed being an overwhelmed single mom that these professionals had the best solutions to the problems. I didn’t question their authority and assumed it was ok since my boys what my boys lacked in verbal communication they used their tempers for. The related to me that they were put in here under the same circumstances and my daughter remembers this room but never had to go there. 

As for this an that calls himself turtle boy? Seriously don’t turtles hide from everything?   You are not a nice man! Who is funding you to create such a distraction I want to know? I don’t appreciate how you treated my friends that was completely innapropriate!!!  What does colrain have to do with any of this?  

 This is where I live it’s a beautiful town full of hard working people I adore


5 thoughts on “Woman from colrain stands in her truth”

  1. How is the school lying about it? I thought they admitted it in their response on the web page. From my experience most of the children that act out behaviorally have had traumatic experiences in the home and they usually vent them at school. I am sure there is an uptick in problems on Mondays after being home for the weekend. Examples of issues that usually cause outbreaks are parents being separated, parents in jail, abusive parents to them or their other parent, drug use in the home, or constant traffic in and out of their home. I know you are friends with this parent so your opinion could be skewed, but do you truly know what this child’s home life has been like? How do you know none of the few examples listed above haven’t happened to this boy? Does this friend have an ulterior motive against the school that you don’t know about and is using you to vent for her? Has social services ever been called on this family and this is her way to get revenge? It is never as cut and dry as everyone makes it out to be. There is always two sides to every story. It just seems like we truly don’t know both sides. Take care


    1. Very good points and true to the core. I don’t know the personal details of these families nor would I speak of them in public. It’s not out of revenge that I posted pictures more out of shock and wanting more information. Since the post I have been a sounding board for all types of families and older children. Lots of stories keep flowing in which tells me that this must be true and that this is ineffective and must change. The super wrote on the hill rest page that these were all not true. Yet there are more issues than just the room that they haven’t dealt with. I do know that


    2. I do know that no matter what the actual background is of the student professionals who are educated in child development have more tools in their tool box than to close a young child in a white room. I’ve tutored this boy for over twenty hours and he is a natural learner and is really excited to do so. In their home mom is really nurturing and has a lot of parenting skills she utilizes and is soft spoken and dad is working and I haven’t seen him much . I do hope that answers your question be well


  2. Exactly, and if I were to ever find out that this was happening to my kid and I didn’t know about, SOMEONE would be getting into big trouble….let’s just say that… stand your ground Michelle!


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