eyes of the world

the things my eyes have seen
I cant forget
blue grace that dances in the
recess of my membranes.
opening up a whole world of delusion
or inspiration
depending on optimism
love that surrounds me and light that energizes me.
the things my eyes have seen
I can’t unsee
from buety to the most profane
the soul of me
deeper the the recesses of the oceans
then space or infinity
alive throughthe things hidden behind

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This is my friend, Dr. Debbie Tobin. She is a biologist and here she is bawling her eyes out as she holds the paw of a sea otter as it takes its last breath. That month, in Homer, Alaska, they witnessed 80 sea otters die from paralytic shellfish poisoning. Whales, sea lions and tens of thousands of seabirds also died from this ocean warming event. Scientists called it the “blob”. The blob was a warm body of water off the coast of Alaska, British Columbia, California and all the way down to Mexico. It was a glimpse into the future of what’s going to happen when our oceans warm. But there is a solution and it is called drawing down on carbon. We must vote for people who factor in the health of our planet as well as the economy. What is @justinpjtrudeau , the Prime Minister of Canada doing? He is forcing Canadians to use their taxpayer dollars to buy a pipeline to transport the most carbon intensive and dirty oil in the world from Canada to China. I voted for him and encouraged others to do so and for that I am truly sorry. This will become our Standing Rock to the North. #standupforourplanet #cleanenergy #climatechangeisreal

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Tribal gypsy life

Your life purpose just becomes taking care of these kids that fight you for a single step of the way. You have to just surrender. I still feel that urgency to do something bigger, do something better like maybe I’m gonna read book that’ll change the world but I haven’t written it yet.

Connected to the source

Connected to the source

Of inspiration

My heart opened from years

of being neglected

I could feel my desires

Focus in appreciation

My tears flowed freely like a river

Of the divine

Being nourished

And time stood still