Photo on 2-21-14 at 11.25 PMThese are epic  poems and stories about my life and yours.

Stories I have been inspired by and repelled by.  fiction and non-fiction alike.

I am working on a series of books called the Soul Love Saga which includes; Stories, poetry and art. You can find my two published books called: More pieces of Soul Love Saga, and Quantum Spirituality through Amazon..Sadly I feel most of the stories are far to inappropriate for the internet and I will save for my published works.

My future dreams and manifestations  include getting my work published and having my work enhance humanity some how some way… That is why I started teaching an online commuity class called ‘A Holistic approach to Creativity’…  https://www.coursesites.com/s/_sacredholisticarts  … Through  52 classes full of mind, body and soul altering, life style changing, community building and art making by likeminded people who want to better themselves, empower, create and share.

If nobody were to ever read my work I would still write. IF somebody were to take my pen I would still rhyme. IF nobody were to understand my words, that’s ok. They have not lived in my world or walked my path.

Most of my work comes from a wild spirit inside of me. It captures me and though I may grasp some of my experiences, I am in a sense, truly possessed. It is almost as if something takes a hold of my soul and won’t let me go until I have finished my trance state. Sometimes it is this voice that will sing a haunting song repeatedly until I manage to find a place to write, or it gets lost forever. I call this my divine spirit.

Most of my work has undeniable lyric formation. Music is the essences of the world that I have surrounded myself elf with. messages through parables and metaphors will be presented behind the words and phrases. You can find my spoken word at SoundCloud

As for myself I am a mother and teacher. I am a dancer and drummer. I am an artist and art lover. I am the master of my own creations. I believe in the power of the Goddess. I believe in the power of overcoming obstacles. I still believe in love.

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20 thoughts on “About”

  1. pray

    Rehearse the patterns in your head.
    The weight on your ankle is dead.
    You are free to speak your mind.
    And express your intentions, cruel and kind.
    Get ready for the mythical lot.
    And the sound that silences your thoughts .
    Shake off your fear and cone undone.
    Give yourself as the circle is one.


    1. It is only in my deepest gratitude do I find the strength for prayer.
      Mantra’s to clear my mind
      create the patterns in my head
      speaking my mind sets me free to others in kind.
      My intentions are kind
      my rage is furious and sad
      but I release it to the universe
      and beg for forgivness.
      I channel the mythical
      giving birth to the
      Timeless mystical lyric
      Ocean moon soul day dreamer
      and the gypsy earth magik
      The drum ravishes the laughter in my head
      only when I sit in a circle does my mind
      sit in silence

      Love and light thank you for your inspiration Tokoni you are amazing

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello Michelle ,you have great writing and life coaching and development profile ….glad to find you here .looking forwarded to more learning from you.
    Thanks Cyril@ThinkPositive


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