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destruction+ chaos/37/ soul love saga


mindsShepard Fairey



Destruction + Chaos

leads to the plarity

of transformation

loosing everything

makes it easier

to rebuild your life

intergration of minds

channeling the source

of all energy for freedom

in journeying to a gathering

of the collective consiousness

there are no limitiations

just obstacles

no beginning no end/37/soul love saga


Crowning moment of awesome

completely misunderstood

I’ve lost hope in balance

between love + chaos

I miss those moments of making music

and melting into you

gone gone gone

no beginning no end

in my past

memories that open my heart

making me want

more more more

Irrational minds/37/soul love saga


spring 2013 074



Irrational minds melting

in civic irrigation

dealers dealin

in front of kids

in neighborhood wide open

master mind manipulations

cups+ cans, boxes + belts

renegade rustic reasoning

guerrilla style

while keeping my family

as safte from the looming predators as I can

thought living by the park would be safe!

look out the window to find the pimps + prostitutes

police + politicians

dealers+ dope heads

all hanging at the bar down the street

negative haze/37/soul love saga


fairys work

air so thick


eyes keep rolling


behavior modification

beyond reason


or matters at



air so thick

explanations beyond reason

idle hands

mere reasons

holding back

trying to move on from

lies+ miscommunication


defy all reason

boundaries broken

holding back

trying to move on away from

lies + miscommunication

and negative haze

Justice rain/37/soul love saga


Standing on the edge of a time

when darkness lingers around every corner

transitions are inevitable

on way or another

the lessons we learn have less to do with logic

than monopolization and global indication

that we go against my principles

standing up for whats right

has illogical consequences


let justice rain on your life

like a clipper ship on the horizon

sailing into unknown Territories

sailing on the edge of time

where a child’s namesake

is in the hands of a stranger

and anothers life will wither

for a dying flower and father

exploited/ 37/ soul love saga

So many missing children



thrown on walls

milk cartons

now takes

for every one to see

gone from the life

they know forever


they are alive /living

in good hands

dead /decaying

forgotten trauma

lost horror


slave trades


sometimes they never

find a way to escape.

those that do are

forever etched

in our memory

a parents worst nightmare

plagued by lost time.

welcomed into the community

with open arms

and unbearable

questions lost in the

deepest recesses of of the mind

Beautiful minds/ 37 / soul love saga

sidewalk mandala

beautiful minds

minds let them shine

let the light be inspire

them full

saturate their

well beings

with dinity

and inspiration

beautiful minds

connected to the divine

drivin by time

or left behind


by society

capabilities lost

in public school setting

found by inspired teachers


to children’s lives

hopes and dreams

discovering the ways

of the beautiful mind

iconic hero’s

epic tales

politicians hide

Seas across sanction/24/soul love saga


seas across sanction
Lie across the horizon
live among nature
don’t let Babylon carry on
bring truth to delicate ears
reasons are those
of the beholder
love on the earth
let it be
all the sights
our eyes can feast on

The ghostly images/25/soul love saga

The ghostly images
of moms creations
underground odysseys
salts and subways
given time the world
will be mined
and whole towns
left behind

how our minds work
to destroy the earth
how little to recycle
how little to breath
We have left more
than footprints

Living in parables/24/soul love saga

Another day gone
living in parables
do you have all you want
and didn’t count for?
Do you have what you loved for so long
DO you change a potentially wonderful life
and loose my sex
my sex
my sex
where did it go?
He didn’t know what love was
neither did I
I assumed it would work out

all on stand by
what is it going to be
I’ll grow old
today I don’t know