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Living in the heroin highway

I woke to the sounds of the morning The alarm quakes me into day and I hit the ground dancing. 
Engaged in routine grasping bits of chores satisfying my mounting list a lil. If I could just have one more hour or a few more hands.
Finding my place in the world I’m not ever free again and it scares the shit out of me.
Again and again I am separated from my art by this heroin epidemic and I don’t dance with this devil. I change diapers and care for so many kids.
Everyone around you suffers the greatest of consequences while you get high.

Our minds, body and soul needs the truth not the addiction fed lies you try and serve with convincing eyes. 
Do you believe yourself?

There’s an epidemic out there!

There is an epidemic of epic proportions out there. It’s t’s complying with the order of cease and is still successful at killing if it doesn’t kill the host it shreds them of their dignity and dreams. Holding their life hostage terrorizing families. 
I wish I had some great holistic advice. But I don’t other than wake up and stop fucking doing highly processed shot that’s killing you. ( I was going to put in the name of the drug but really any processed shit will kill you) 

I am sick of unnecessary death and dying and not being able to do anything to help except pick up the pieces. Today I feel so tired. I just want everyone to do the right thing for themselves, their families and their community.look at the big picture envision the future and choose life

    for our benefit/ 37/soul love saga

    Add new spasmodic affiliations

    afflicted with past revenue

    past grief

    and wrong doings to my body

    to my body wrong doings were done

    done and disabled are the wrongs

    of human kind done by mankind

    the human body was meant to nourish the divine earth

    saturate her with our blood

    composed with belief

    as we tended fields our most sacred

    moon cycles fell from our wombs

    un-pregnated to the earth we worked

    as drops landed in plants we cared for

    modifying the earth we walked among creatures

    as we were once one

    plasmas and secretions

    fell from our bodies to the hungry earth

    needing replenishing from sustaining us

    now hungry the fields are

    from being over processed

    to many years of not being cared for

    over utilized we have lost touch with


    our purpose of completions

    of mass populating matrix style

    designating chemical warfare

    on our own environments

    cancers rise

    neurological disorders

    plague the earth like never before

    as the quality of the food

    we bring to the table declines

    the master of materials

    master of rules

    master of the public welfare system

    should make compost mandatory

    recycling  obligatory laws

    make community gardens necessary

    food stamps and poor farm work

    that begins our rise out of the oppressive system

    that has held us down and under

    work for our food work for our benefit

    rise above the system to be the system

    that stabilizes and provides our own needs

    in ways that nurture our souls

    providing the child care we need

    legalize the plants that ban the pills

    universal health care not sick care

    capture the rights of the people

    to be safe from gang wars of our generations

    our generations that have fought for fuel

    the only biomass that is sustainable is hemp

    and bio fuel in this counter culture

    mushrooms  that are magic to counter balance the toxins


    fukushima daiichi nuclear disaster

    nuke fuels that are pouring thousands of gallons of toxic waste

    into our oceans are already having detrimental effects on the earths creatures

    un-repeatable problems that will last for thousands of years

    along with the oil spills  that would have been cleaned with tossed grass

    and chem trails that keep flying

    spitting and sputtering controlling our weather through destroying

    our atmosphere

    where are we going?

    such simple creatures causing such harm

    who is to start doing the right thing

    who will go down in history

    governing laws that protect and serve

    us and the earth

    who’s to be accountable?

    where are we really going with all this?

    wordporn I love you/38/soul love saga


    dreaming with  mizpah intent

    I found you there…

    our bond connected through time and space

    connected through life and death

    feelings of retrouvailles

    enveloped my body

    I dance with abandonment

    retrouvailles your all mine for a day

    You grab me

    because I wasn’t expecting you to be standing there

    I looked at your face the joy emanated from my body

    as you had grown and I had changed

    reunited for this moment in time

    everything else stopped

    it was just us again after time passed

    I saw your face though your hair had changed

    and couldn’t stop hugging you

    like I had mastered time

    you were there with me

    my air sucked back into my lungs

    alexithymia takes over

    I just can’t describe my insides

    my words don’t work

    I grab my pen

    scripturient takes over

    day of the dead

    Reckoning (Grateful Dead album)
    Reckoning (Grateful Dead album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


    the day of the dead

    a day of reckoning

    realizing all those have passed

    are a thin veil away

    a moment in time

    passed and decayed

    the day of the dead

    honors all those who have passed

    to the other side

    another dimension

    guiding through generations

    gaps left through and through

    my spirit guides are in tuned to my needs

    I honor them

    my ancestors they have shown me the way

    I honor them

    my past lives completes me

    I honor them

    this dimension I lift the veil

    I fully see I am fully present

    engaging all dimensions

    through space and time

    I engage all light energy

    Lighting a candle

    salt to water

    water to salt

    I purify thee

    I seek to simplify

    I seek to evoke the energies

    of the past present and future

    I seek guidence

    Drawing my circle for protection

    I call to them

    I call out in prayer

    in thanks

    in gratitude

    I burned sage and cleansed

    my body spirit and mind

    we wrote our intentions and burned them

    releasing them to the universe





    Seas across sanction/24/soul love saga


    seas across sanction
    Lie across the horizon
    live among nature
    don’t let Babylon carry on
    bring truth to delicate ears
    reasons are those
    of the beholder
    love on the earth
    let it be
    all the sights
    our eyes can feast on

    legacy/ 25/ soul love saga


    It’s the difference
    between darkness and light
    like the ying and yang
    a perfect equation
    four your soul to rise
    to pure beyond
    half dark shadows half full of pure love light
    webs built together
    never without that connection
    to the interconnection
    not a dream an insight
    just a minute in life
    a second of thought
    everything is energy
    from our very move
    the lift we
    turn on our very sins
    the hours we carry on
    we strive for passion
    to carry on

    april 11

    The ghostly images/25/soul love saga

    The ghostly images
    of moms creations
    underground odysseys
    salts and subways
    given time the world
    will be mined
    and whole towns
    left behind

    how our minds work
    to destroy the earth
    how little to recycle
    how little to breath
    We have left more
    than footprints

    blue moons arising/24/soul love saga

    blue moons arising
    blue moons arising above the horizon
    below I sin
    bellow i sing
    Today I win again
    and again yesterday
    whose free?
    Hell, for law
    or religion
    I’m not down
    nature rules to abide
    save yourself
    and mankind
    from detrimental
    function of realities
    decreed politics
    where money rules
    the ear our heaven
    if we change it save the destruction
    from societies sins the answers are simple
    legalize @#$$%^!**(

    the first seasons the story of persephone /36/ soul love saga

    written for free valley radio envirospring 2013 059show fall of 2012
    Demeter is the goddess of the earth while her husband Zues is god of the sky.
    Demeter is the divine protectress of all agricultural, animals and ritual dances. Together they have a daughter Persephone.
    One day the fair maiden and her friends, the daughters of the ocean were playing in the Nysian plain in the sweet summer sun. Persephone finds a beautiful narcissus radiating.She reached down with both hands as she ripped it from the earth the ground shook and the great womb opened up from the earth. Hades sprung out on a golden chariot led by immortal horses . He grabbed her and carrying her into the depths of the underworld her cries going unheard. This was the time of war when marriage was stolen not given in holy matrimony.

    Only the sun god Helios was left to tell the tale.He remained silent while Demeter searched restlessly for nine days. Leaving all the plants and animals unattended in the hibernation and the earth grew cold while she cried. On the tenth day she discovered Helios and his tale.
    The goddess of crops sat in mourning for her daughter. For one year mortals could make nothing grow as a famine inhabited the now dreadful land.

    Zeus sent for Persephone so the human race would not parish. Aidoneus obeyed allowing Persephone who had not eaten in a year to quench her dying thirst and hunger with one pomegranate seed to eat. When Demeter was finally able to wrap her arms around her daughter
    she felt a coldness between them and asked if she had an of the prohibited food of the underworld. Just one tasted anchored her captivity into the dark abyss of souls . Zeus Knowing that he had sold his daughter into darkness agreed to just 1/3 of the year living among the dead of the underworld.

    The changes upon the earth fell into a seasonal cycle Persephone descended into the underworld and her mothers energy wilted the plants chlorophyll stopped. The vitality of the crops died or slept. Persephone anointed the agonized souls of the underworld drenching her thumb in the dark juices of the pomegranate and blessing the third eye of each individual as she ascended the earth.Warming the seeds that had laid dormant they came alive with new vitality growing and producing Fruits again.The flowers opened their petals and Demeter smiled again as she welcomed her daughter home.