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Authentic life

Why do people thrive on the anger red hot boiling the blood rushes to your face and calls your adrenaline to come play ?
they live for drama .
make messes of lives trying to eradicate any good feelings so the only thing that can coexist is us against them .
but it’s not us against them it’s we in the world.
 nothings going to get better unless we stand as a divided front.
Against those who seek to destroy our nature.
I don’t get offended by how many people don’t read my work when I see what it is they do pay attention too.
so I have a heartfelt thanks to those who take their moments to get lost my work 

and my world 

my heart 

because it’s everything I am and everything i stand for and you have to stand for something 

or like the rest you’re going to fall for everything 
you’ll be like the cattle told which way to go and how to get there .

where not to go and where to stand when to sleep went to breath.
That’s not us. 

It’s not who we are.

Natural born renegades fending of the throws of addictions to technology, drugs, drama,processed shit.
We are the strong searching out an original authentic life. 

Trying to find our place here and redefine our place on the timeline 

Living in the heroin highway

I woke to the sounds of the morning The alarm quakes me into day and I hit the ground dancing. 
Engaged in routine grasping bits of chores satisfying my mounting list a lil. If I could just have one more hour or a few more hands.
Finding my place in the world I’m not ever free again and it scares the shit out of me.
Again and again I am separated from my art by this heroin epidemic and I don’t dance with this devil. I change diapers and care for so many kids.
Everyone around you suffers the greatest of consequences while you get high.

Our minds, body and soul needs the truth not the addiction fed lies you try and serve with convincing eyes. 
Do you believe yourself?

There’s an epidemic out there!

There is an epidemic of epic proportions out there. It’s t’s complying with the order of cease and is still successful at killing if it doesn’t kill the host it shreds them of their dignity and dreams. Holding their life hostage terrorizing families. 
I wish I had some great holistic advice. But I don’t other than wake up and stop fucking doing highly processed shot that’s killing you. ( I was going to put in the name of the drug but really any processed shit will kill you) 

I am sick of unnecessary death and dying and not being able to do anything to help except pick up the pieces. Today I feel so tired. I just want everyone to do the right thing for themselves, their families and their community.look at the big picture envision the future and choose life

    for our benefit/ 37/soul love saga

    Add new spasmodic affiliations

    afflicted with past revenue

    past grief

    and wrong doings to my body

    to my body wrong doings were done

    done and disabled are the wrongs

    of human kind done by mankind

    the human body was meant to nourish the divine earth

    saturate her with our blood

    composed with belief

    as we tended fields our most sacred

    moon cycles fell from our wombs

    un-pregnated to the earth we worked

    as drops landed in plants we cared for

    modifying the earth we walked among creatures

    as we were once one

    plasmas and secretions

    fell from our bodies to the hungry earth

    needing replenishing from sustaining us

    now hungry the fields are

    from being over processed

    to many years of not being cared for

    over utilized we have lost touch with


    our purpose of completions

    of mass populating matrix style

    designating chemical warfare

    on our own environments

    cancers rise

    neurological disorders

    plague the earth like never before

    as the quality of the food

    we bring to the table declines

    the master of materials

    master of rules

    master of the public welfare system

    should make compost mandatory

    recycling  obligatory laws

    make community gardens necessary

    food stamps and poor farm work

    that begins our rise out of the oppressive system

    that has held us down and under

    work for our food work for our benefit

    rise above the system to be the system

    that stabilizes and provides our own needs

    in ways that nurture our souls

    providing the child care we need

    legalize the plants that ban the pills

    universal health care not sick care

    capture the rights of the people

    to be safe from gang wars of our generations

    our generations that have fought for fuel

    the only biomass that is sustainable is hemp

    and bio fuel in this counter culture

    mushrooms  that are magic to counter balance the toxins


    fukushima daiichi nuclear disaster

    nuke fuels that are pouring thousands of gallons of toxic waste

    into our oceans are already having detrimental effects on the earths creatures

    un-repeatable problems that will last for thousands of years

    along with the oil spills  that would have been cleaned with tossed grass

    and chem trails that keep flying

    spitting and sputtering controlling our weather through destroying

    our atmosphere

    where are we going?

    such simple creatures causing such harm

    who is to start doing the right thing

    who will go down in history

    governing laws that protect and serve

    us and the earth

    who’s to be accountable?

    where are we really going with all this?

    deportation/ 38/ soul love saga

    Deportation of the worlds most valuable resources

    mined souls trying to live the american dream

    risking lives just to get into this country

    stay in this country

    we are not who we say we are

    kick the asses of the white face prosecutors

    who take charge of the assassinations

    alienations of the nation

    this country is fed off of their blood

    sweat and tears

    their family lives in fears and squaller

    hiding from the lack of papers trail

    where genocides of the natives

    are the american way

    genocide of the natives

    for land sake

    so build your walls

    make your rules

    oppressors so you can keep them down

    uneducated without transportation

    keep them under minimum wage

    working in fields of pesticides

    and grains sprayed herbicides

    while we pay

    for their cancer treatments

    and dis-ease

    while corporation farms

    and factory farms

    go unaccountable

    for their chemicals

    Americans health declines

    till we break the borders

    the cartels will reign

    till we break borders

    the issue’s will remain the same

    ancestors of the native Americans

    walked this plain

    back and forth and back and forth again

    until we stop this genocide

    the truth remains the same

    we are not all native to this land

    where did your ancestors come from?




    fight or flight/38/soul love saga

    Some time ago

    a dream came to me

    softly at first than rushing in as a scream on adrenaline

    my fight or flight hormones raging

    sometimes life is soft as a dream

    easy to love and full of happiness

    when everyone comes together for the greater good

    other time my reality is shattered on the whim of terrorizing

    energy vampires that suck the life out of my being

    scraping whats left of my sanity from my skull

    with their razor sharp words

    amended moments of time

    I find my way off grid and sink into sin

    shallow and wasted yet not gone

    a vessel of human life

    a trace of what I use to dream

    a glimpse of all that could have been

    then they find me

    in all my glory as I started picking up the pieces

    they grab them from me

    throwing them to the wind

    I hope they will reseed as they grow

    as they grew in my womb

    into the chaos i call home

    These mad moments in time

    where anything sets  her off

    I simplify

    and clean

    and hope for the best

    that they continue to grow

    lies/37/soul love saga

    enveloped with the sanctimonious air

    I am feeling others wrath

    their thoughts and choices

    changing my life

    their peon in power reasons

    cause treasons unto my being

    treasons against innocent lives

    with her lies

    being noble is no cause for their tossed


    being good is no reason for their


    doing and being more  than I ever thought

    i could be

    is no reason for their unwavering judgements

    against me

    actions that cease reason

    words that are a crime

    trying to tear apart my family

    is of no value

    for the community

    no value for the relationships

    i tended and fostered

    my nights awake I saved my sleep

    to tend others sheep

    and didn’t receive

    the rewards I deserved

    my babes gone from my arms




    my emptiness remains

    silent in my ears

    only my own children

    and I left to pick up the pieces from

    their foul mouth psychopathic delusions

    lying with every breath

    I wish to escape  her purger

    run to an island and forget this


    eat my soul energy vampire/ 22/soul love saga

    spring 2013 125

    eat my soul

    it’s already not whole

    used + old

    schooled useful tools



    sex questions



    of future deals

    explore my mind

    visions you’ll find

    constant dreams

    music hides my lies

    lyrics are my breath

    only then can my heart beat

    when confusions


    awake in the night

    vampires mysteries

    sucking the energy from life

    my untold realities

    everything I know everything I am

    as a gypsy

    passes dances or deceptions