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Bone collecting wild woman/ soul love saga/39


I am a bone collector…

Ravishing souls and the likes of them,

savoring the moments between time…

I explore the earth in all her sacredness.

I explore her in all her settled griminess

or manicured manipulations.

Knowing each tree I pass.

I sing to the plants and watch

them dance in the vibration of my song.

I am a wild woman

dancing naked and strong.

I am a wild woman

caught between ravious love

and divine union.

I am a wild woman

running with the wild animals

catching butterflys

spreading seeds on the wind.

Digging in the earth with my bare hands

planting gardens with dirty knees

sipping on the nectar

from a flower in mid day

tasting natures sugar fresh.

I am a wild woman

filling my psyche with healing energy

raising the vibration of humanity,

raising children I have birthed from my womb,

raising the vibration of the communities children.

it takes a village

echo of a long lived soul/ 38/ soul love saga

The thought of finding that very person that can help your soul rise to the next elevation of existence can only happen if you yourself are complete. We have to work on ourselves complete our fibers before we can really enjoy an authentic connection.  I never know how long it will take but it’s best not to jump right into a relationship. We have to prioritize what has gone wrong in our lives and make it right. For me it’s my kids who are dealing with multiple challenges. I need to focus on how I can best help them without letting it affect me. Without letting their problems make me so mad. Keeping your mind open and searching for the answers is really all we can do. Never quitting and always trying to do the right thing is the top priority. I do have me dreams, my desires. I have almost felt that connection that keeps me elevated. Knowing myself and the universe it is hard to let go. I am a head over heals kind of person that would love to fall in love at first sight.  Serving no purpose I know there is a checklist that needs to be completed before I can really let go and dive into a relationship. What is your check list? I know I need to be with someone who is strong enough to make it through obstacles more gracefully and patient than I. Someone who is dedicated to children and their well beings like I. Someone who can dance and play… My list goes on..

Until then I will not let anyone bring down my energetic vibration. Noone to cloud or distract me from my purpose. My life is mine.


Moments are what make the adventures of our lives

thank you for the reminder.

Your words are an echo of a long-lived soul

and the  vibrational rumble

natural balance of universal laws

I look forward to reading more.

Seeing and touch

the very fiber of your soul,

washing my face in your tears

I come close as I have ever been

to another human.

With you I am someone else

without you I am complete

my days full and abundant

You take away the chaos

filling my life with your

genuine compassion

Ultimate connection

and love

Whisper sensual moments

like bliss in her last breath

solitary I find my courage

to bless this day

while tomorrow may

hold the reality




Rogue/ 37/soul love saga


1/9 muse

Im a radio rebel

with a raunchy guerrilla style

some days the lays

of the moment .

one of pleasure

of a feminist female

Other days this rogue

wears rouge , shaves ,

short skirts and heals

today I did yoga for hours

and mothered my children

(In a long skirt and velvety shirt)

focused on priorities

trying to raise good world citizens

freedom fighters

from my womb

Indigo children

spirits arising

I am everything to everyone

I am something different

Today I am me


I’ll play dress up



mother woman/29/soul love saga




patience is the essence that shall fuel my fire

vitality the essence of life

a journey with a connectedness to nature

a knowing that we are not walkin alone~M

when you walk through a storm hold your head up high~

the angels are with you ~

you come in saying how chaotic your week has been

to me you look so calm serene and centered~

The truth is that we all care + live

we all live in a knowing + energetic way…

even times we forget to honor all we carry + have

we are never alone although it definitely feels like it sometimes~

The butterfly spreads its wings for flight

its not alone but carried by the wind

at home on a leaf or fed by the nectar of that precious flower~

Somedays I am the butterfly receiving + floating + searching

somedays I am the flower open + patient

I have faith that ultimately~

I will weather the storm

keep on blooming

find nourishment and fulfillment

in all that surrounds me~

and through my perseverance

I shall shower the energy of love and delight on my children and the world;

and it will sparkle with the rainbows of my light

rest and refresh yourself

enjoy your peace


this is the first collective poetry that I did with an amazing group of motherwoman, sadly my memory has failed as to who wrote what piece but each different voice is separated with a ~ mine I signed with a little ~M in the beginning IF any one reading wants to claim a piece of the pie or yell at me for posting please do… i miss you.. I just don’t think that it serves any purpose sitting locked up inside a filing cabinet one more

Venus +I / 37/ Quantum spirituality/ soul love saga

Nothing between
Venus& I
All night I bask
in the glory of
her red light
shining on me.
Engaged in her
sharing in this
time + space.
Goddess of love
pouring her blessings
sharing her generous
abundance my way.
for family,
for friends,
my lover,
my gifts of creativity,
use me how you see fit.
let me be your muse
I’ll dance with abandon recklessly
I’ll create with
like no one else can.
I’ll write connected
to the divine
source of all words
you whisper in my ear.

woman in the wind  water colour original  by Michelle $100
woman in the wind
water colour original
by Michelle

wild woman/ 35/ soul love saga

Wild woman
I have felt my wild woman
in the midst of transition
a mother bear guiding
her cubs
from danger
I have felt my wild woman
as a drum through the night
by the fire
as I dance by the hot flames
rythm beats a vibration
within my body
I have felt her urge
to stay on my path
of enlightenment
to empower
my waken moments
to do what needs
to be done
for me
my family
and the world
I have felt my wild woman
inside me as I lose time
inside the midst of creation
and the transition into motherhood
I see her in my art
in my art
I see my soul
in my soul is her