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Tribal gypsy

I’m too wild for you Saturated in music and color

The tapestry I weave is complex

An intramural design 

A lost art of the ages

My dance is not for you as I move through grace twisting my life with every step I’m free

. I have the luxury of moving my hips with the sirens song

Surrounded by trade my soul is almost complete 

Surrounded by the beauty created by the dreams of us

I wish for love on every shooting star.

Not settling for anything less than stellar.

My strength comes from my Tribe through the collective consciousness and live music 

The sound vibration that carries us to rapture

Sacred Holistic Arts*~balancing and winter works


Is finding normalcy in this life even possible? We have all have our preconceived notions of what normal is supposed to be like, but is living it actually what we want? I told my daughter last night that I would love it if she could be happy all the time but that isn’t always possible. Sometimes we have to take life by the moments.  Sometimes you have to just find one thing beautiful and focus on that for awhile and realize that moment is beautiful and eventually they add up.

Sure I would love a house, a husband/wife I could be faithful too a great job and a group of friends I go out with on one scheduled visit a month. Sadly not my life right now and I would have to give up my summer touring around for one or more of the normal things and I am not ready to grow up that much yet. Stability is not over rated and yet I am not ready to settle for just any house or job that might take me away from my art. The key is balance.

Striving for amazingness is great but not if it makes you go crazy!  A little each day just do a little something and eventually it will add up! I am amazed as I begin to publicly share my stuff just how much I do make and as you get to know me and my life it’s a lot of chaos but I make things happen pushing through obstacles.

Patina time this picture right here is of the two arbiters that I made for the mobile’s and now I am oxidizing them so they are that beautiful turquoise color. I have been holding my breath for A few days during this process hoping it doesn’t destroy the work and enhances it nicely!!!!!!! For the know how check out my online course~ a holistic approach to creativity

Here is the piece before I started I added some more stuff to it. My niece came in and says”aunty M why you hang my dream catcher up there silly that’s mine” she is three. so we made it uniquely hers. Music by one of my favourites bands Lucid.

I made some one of a kind you just bought something amazing so I made you a really cool bag that your gonna want to keep:)

Nutrition health and healing

I really have a hard time in the winter. It is def not my fav. season! when it comes to maple season I get so excited! My family started tapping tree’s last year and I am hooked! It is hard work but when it boils and I grab a cup of tea or cocoa with boiling sap water that is our reward!  Sweet rose tea and sap water.

Bring it on! Here is my weight loss super shake.

2 scoops of protein powder of your choice

1 cup of Keifer

I table spoon of spiralina

1 tblsp of Hemp powder.
  I could eat a head of cabbage all by my self.

mix with olive oil and nutritional yeast and roast

 New stuff in the collection for sale

 Here is a pic of the unity scarf I knit… $110 this can wrap around my neck three times

White Lilly crown shown here by princess Lailah can be found on my etsy . She came to sleep over and wanted to play dress up!!!! Lots of princess dresses later.. I love this girl!

  New head piece unicrystal $45  
Can find this heady piece on etsy too.

These I haven’t listed so if you have interested pm me   

  Homeschool moments in timekids making cookies with sap boiling in the   Background .. Below is our field trip to shelburne falls pot holes

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Amazon you can find my two books… Soul love saga and Quantum Spirituality

the show/ 37 soul love saga


I live for the moments

just before the show

waiting in line

waiting to to get high

waiting to forget life

right after

in the collective ambiance

of people passing

goods going

family growing



youth showing






hypnotic expressions/24/ soul love saga

Hypnotic expressions of society

created for our dream land

mine is happiness

I seek serene

colours of hue

music, ecstatic bliss

love too beyond degrees

paths somewhere

in any direction

free where the kingdom is lost


every hour

I work harder

to unite my soul with

hundreds for loves sake

I fight to win

peace is my prize

another  sunrise and full moon

psychology , my dear


I ponder a place to plore forevermore

shall I ask …

ecstasy for me????

heaven shall love

in my heart today

tomorrow my soul

will take it away

question sanity

of those who whisper discretely

my ears, my body are above petty

I move on

till the next horizon

I will make my words



spring 2013 151

summons the dead/37/soul love saga

on restless nights
I summons the Dead
they rock my soul to sleep
with a lackadaisical
sweet memories that
make me shine
away the nightmares
phising smoothed my
ruff edges and saved
me from a dismal
caught up in the music
I bounced around the room
at my my lowest
comfort in the community
that sustains the soul
where the sirens call
and those timeless moments
where we can be
freesteal your face goddess

blue moons arising/24/soul love saga

blue moons arising
blue moons arising above the horizon
below I sin
bellow i sing
Today I win again
and again yesterday
whose free?
Hell, for law
or religion
I’m not down
nature rules to abide
save yourself
and mankind
from detrimental
function of realities
decreed politics
where money rules
the ear our heaven
if we change it save the destruction
from societies sins the answers are simple
legalize @#$$%^!**(

sacred holistic arts/36/2012

bella terra dream catcher fire on the mountainSo many days later
the end of summer
words came and went
ideas incomplete
some well done
others better than
sacred holistic arts
community surrounds us
the days of summer have
been long and hot
mother earths army
strangers helping strangers
twisted roots
raging till dawn
living with meaning
till dusk

the show/36/soul love saga

bella terra dream catcher fire on the mountain
The air rages on with
electricity + movement
people waiting
enjoying a moment
before the storm
waiting for the show to get out

listening to the band play
live thier reasom for comming
a community
moving from all distances
joining as one, tonight
listening as I write

99My last summer of being free/25/soul love saga

nyc 05599My last summer of being free
I had dreads down the middle of my back. Which brings you into a whole new level of existence and understanding as is. I had my hands into anything you can imagine, really.***************** were my favorites, but I wasn’t even faithful to them.
I stayed With Evan a year, until I found myself a way out.
    Actually he left me at Wood stock festival in Bethel New York alone the year the apocalypse happened there. He and his big friend with the greasy hair said they were going to chill at the motel right outside of the venue. Whatever… I had plenty of stuff to sell to keep me busy.
I had found this really cute rainbow brother who had just come out of the woods; it was like we were the only true hippies left on the Woodstock ground. He had on these tight patched up jeans with a ripped up shirt that showed is tanned body, he wore this cowboy hat and his long blond hair was tied in the back reaching towards his firm behind. A layer of dusty dirt covered our bodies.

We hung tight sitting in the middle of the chaos sharing goods, He told me about his side of the gathering, about Nacho Mamma’s and hauling food to the center of the gathering through miles of woods, up and over the hills and mud in the pourin rain Boy did  it ever rain, Evan and I never made it to the center of the gathering we stayed on the out skirts I spent a day cooking all the meat that we bought and handing it to passerby’s . He ended up with disinteen real bed and was bed ridden for many days.
It was all good till he found his ride. This kind brother sweet baby James, he had kind buds and great Lsd the sun was shining and it was a day for reckoning. I hated having to let this brother go.
I was tripping really hard when the Red hot chili peppers came on and all hell broke loose. I saw what people were capable of and it is complete insanity. When I say apocalypse it was like a video from a war torn country. There was smoke all around you, fires in cans, in vehicles, tents. I did see a line of cops in riot gear and they stood on the outskirts and just stood there with no intention of helping. I guess they were in a damned position anyway. As I wondered aimlessly around looking for the crew that I came with I could hear the terrified screams of women but could never find where they were coming from. There were men standing on both sides of one fountain I came across taunting and screaming at woman to flash them or take their clothes off so they could see their naked bodies. I couldn’t find a safe place.
In the midst of all the chaos sat another family of dressed in Tie die from the wrecking crew there was ever so famous fast Eddie and the infamous fast Patty, sitting so calmly Eddie had a handle on the goods distribution and they let me sit and gather my senses at this point I was tripping balls and didn’t know if what I was seeing was the trip or if this was real. They were a sight for sore eyes, I had gone from the one extreme to the next. From a sweet rainbow gathering to what will forever be etched in my memory as hell. There was no clean water to be found .This is as lost as I had ever felt. Yet I found peace sitting in all this chaos listening to the Mamma  Patty speaks as  she calmed my nerves with her gruff voice. I knew that I could come back after it was all said and done.  Closing the gates to the subconscious was ok as the daylight rose and became one with the land .  The music had ended   and my friends had gone and I was trying to find one safe spot to sleep.

Mud and water were surrounding the fountains out past the port-o-potty by at least  a dozen feet. The tents everywhere surrounded by sewage water as was the fountain water I heard were contaminated by the septic. Thank god we hadn’t set up a tent in this mess .

There was a young girl of just sixteen that I met that had lost her ride home to. She was all the way from Roanoke Virginia the place that Dave Matthews grew up. Somehow I felt more afraid for her safety than I did for my own and took on the responsibility for getting her home safely Evan wasn’t where he was supposed to be after the show it was easy to  decide never go back to him. Jenna and I found mike a big buffoon of a guy with dirty blond hair. He was part of Tim’s crew who was supposed to meet us outside of the Venue. We stood around for hours outside of McDonalds waiting to find lost souls that we might know. We found Jenna’s friend Rex a scraggly head of about twenty five. We were all a scraggly at this point covered with dry mud. we all could fit in Mikes big blue Pickup so we headed on our way from Bethel.
Mike tried to grab both Jenna than I
We had to put him in his place. Mike drove straight through most of the way.
Rex told me Keith had come to visit Roanoke. He sold a bunch of bad acid and a bunch of people were mad at him. I couldn’t believe my ears. Keith loved quality rather than Quantity I wondered what had happened. I stared at him and the Blue Ridge Mountains as they passed in awkward disbelief

Trips farm/24/soul love saga

Trips farm I was so happy to see Andy, I was big and pregnant at uncle trips farm and then. His hair was short and sandy blond. He stood tall and was much healthier than the last time I left him

“Keith is dead” His expression would forever haunt me. I stood motional is

“What happened?”

“ He had been at the All good festival partying and died. He was found in a parking lot completely tagged, covered in Magic marker. He had choked on his vomit. I am so sorry to be the one to tell you it just happened a few months ago.” All’s I could think about was his Mom. Keith was her only son, she must have been devastated. There was no way to find her and embrace her.
I didn’t know what to say and the impact wasn’t there. It mostly happens when I am driving down a road and I hear one of our traveling songs. I know he is there with me.