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There’s an epidemic out there!

There is an epidemic of epic proportions out there. It’s t’s complying with the order of cease and is still successful at killing if it doesn’t kill the host it shreds them of their dignity and dreams. Holding their life hostage terrorizing families. 
I wish I had some great holistic advice. But I don’t other than wake up and stop fucking doing highly processed shot that’s killing you. ( I was going to put in the name of the drug but really any processed shit will kill you) 

I am sick of unnecessary death and dying and not being able to do anything to help except pick up the pieces. Today I feel so tired. I just want everyone to do the right thing for themselves, their families and their community.look at the big picture envision the future and choose life

    day of the dead

    Reckoning (Grateful Dead album)
    Reckoning (Grateful Dead album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


    the day of the dead

    a day of reckoning

    realizing all those have passed

    are a thin veil away

    a moment in time

    passed and decayed

    the day of the dead

    honors all those who have passed

    to the other side

    another dimension

    guiding through generations

    gaps left through and through

    my spirit guides are in tuned to my needs

    I honor them

    my ancestors they have shown me the way

    I honor them

    my past lives completes me

    I honor them

    this dimension I lift the veil

    I fully see I am fully present

    engaging all dimensions

    through space and time

    I engage all light energy

    Lighting a candle

    salt to water

    water to salt

    I purify thee

    I seek to simplify

    I seek to evoke the energies

    of the past present and future

    I seek guidence

    Drawing my circle for protection

    I call to them

    I call out in prayer

    in thanks

    in gratitude

    I burned sage and cleansed

    my body spirit and mind

    we wrote our intentions and burned them

    releasing them to the universe





    Turn,turn, turn /36/ soul love saga

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    Turn, turn turn

    There is a rhyme

    For every reason a rhythm for ever season

    A time for everything

    For everything there is a time

    Occupy your  mind

    occupy this space

    Stand for what you believe in

    stand strong

    Before corporations run as an invasive species

    decay our land

    Toil and trouble

    Turn Turn Turn

    The leaves of this October

    To justify occupation

    Harvest is over the lady descends

    The lord takes over again

    There is a cycle

    That weaves the webs of our existence

    One strand at a moment’s pace

    We tie our knots

    Making magic

    As we secure

    Our existence

    Round we to collecting treats

    Remembering the dead

    on all hallows eve

    Binding and tying

    Each cross section carefully

    Turn turn turn

    Around we go again

    Moving from one world to another

    Change is in the air

    Boiling and bubbling

    Toil and troubling

    Tricking and treating

    In guise we go seeking

    This the end of the warm season

    The earth and our farms

    Turn turn turn

    The soil planting seeds

    Sowing and reaping

    Hope emerges through transition

    as one world ends another begins

    fall leaves our lives as our New Year begins


    the show/ 37 soul love saga


    I live for the moments

    just before the show

    waiting in line

    waiting to to get high

    waiting to forget life

    right after

    in the collective ambiance

    of people passing

    goods going

    family growing



    youth showing