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Domestic toxicity/17/soul love saga


Domestic toxicity


———–In revengeful capacity—————————————–
———–In moments to spare———————————————–
————–Of righteous air———————————————————–
——–in timeless preoccupations————————————————
———a realization to not dwell———————————————-
——–of justice in monogamous—————————————
——–Revolution in sophistication————————————

———a pious mount in liberation——————————-
———-in cases of madness———————————————
—–a nation of broad casted fear—————————————–
-civil liberties don’t prepare you for—————————————Everyday responsibilities
———–And monogamy
—————–In the midst of
————————-A desensitized sexual


Magic made in love and meals/37/soul love saga

DSCF2018September 8
Our river runs through it.
Radio active pollutions.

The compression on my chest
Is as constant as my pulse to live
My heart is suffocating
To its on beat
As loneliness settles in
Like A fixture that turns on and off at will
Leaking out pharamones
Unable to be kept
Bottled tight
Stranger than these moments
Passing are the simple reflections
Of what life could be
With each quick glance
Shut off valves with conversations
Prime year void of the
Connection between partners
Or desires between lovers
Trace elements of complex
Relationships when eyes meet
Or a hand touches another
Unspoken words
Magic made in love and meals
Up heavel and dismay
I clean to be strong pushing
Through attitudes and misconceptions
And never ending battles
Of obstacles that are life
Just so i can feel the sun
Warm my skin

universal possibilities: soul love saga/37


If each universe has endless possibilities
then there could be endless universes
Making up the great energy of light

Each life force has endless lives
Each life has endless choices to live out
And infinite amount of chances to make all the right choices
That give you the life full of ecstasy that you crave
Until the light inside and the aura outside bared bright enough
To light up everyone’s life.
Until you have experienced everything

of all the species that ever existed from ameba’s to humans
Plants and butterflies
Living until all of your options have been utilized
And every emotion has been mastered
Until complexity of lives emotions and experiences
Fill in the space with its complex web
Like a dream catcher or a ball of rubber bands
Until we become part of the flicker of light
That can be seen from the
Next galaxy

chapter one- discovering Choices/I write

lady with red poppies
lady with red poppies

As I begin to put it all together I look around and I’m amazed that I have come this far. It is a little dis concerning when I think about the people who I shared my body, my soul and love with Who I had thought I would be connected “forever’ with and I am not. I can place each choice, each person, moment in time when life was about to change drastically because of something that had just occurred a decision that I made. Simple moments in passing life is what it is. Each and every choice that we make changes our outcome like a choose your own adventure book. Some choices that I made with so little regard at the time ended up bringing me forward into the life that I am leading now. A life where I have carved out my niche through careful consideration and a lot of work. I have finally found my space in the community and comfort in my art

I write
My only strength
Comes from expressing through this pen
I write.
My only vision is in cryin
Through my eyes
From my soul inside my body I write

*Overcoming obstacles…societies shadows

*Overcoming obstacles…

Societies Shadows
Silver iridescent shadows cast
Upon sacred sights
Visions wonder
Across the midnight skies
Echoing sounds of nights
Lively terror
Anxiety creeps into
Darkened mentalities
Emptiness is souls
Angered spirits
Crossing each horizon
As loneliness dwells
Through my mind
My hands touch cold hearts
Stillness touches
My body
Happiness stands
As an illusion
Held onto yesterday
Until tomorrow





soul love saga

soul love saga

Chapter 1
I wonder on how to tell a story that only I can tell. I think about the train rides, the tours, the traveling and the stage. Living my life for music. They all have these hypnotic memories of the way my transportation sounded as I came and left a situation; Drivers, cars, trains, planes and boats taking me to where my destiny leads me. Going from one place to another yet never truly finding a home or my place in the community. The quiet unraveling of insanity as I stared into the unknown. A seemingly nice girl with dark eyes faced out the window of a grey hound bus, lost in my own world. The reflection staring back at her, a transparent soul; a runaway, an independent woman, who never looks back only forward. A Womyn who could spend her days endlessly painting, dancing or writing with reckless abandon.
I can never just say what I mean. There always has to be a rhyme or a reason masking the reality that I have lived. I am afraid for people to see the real me beyond my hopes and dreams into the reality that I have lived. I am afraid that the path that I have been down just will not be understood. How could anyone ever see me the same if they knew the truth about where I have been, what I have done and what I have seen? I have worked so hard to rise above my past. Becoming the woman that I am now, I have left everything behind but a head full of stories that no one knows but me
Until now…

Soul Love

A religion,                a faith
Of believing in yourself
Your power,
Overcoming obstacles
Being used and abused
cyfer is degrees in botchi

Patterns of life
Celestial circles
Just listen
To new
Perceptions shared
Insights gained
Things that were meant to be
Or not meant to happen
Things said but never heard
All good words
That never existed



(¿Cuál es el significado de la vida?”)

Sin is the name holding down shame wrath of uncaring hearts

We against the world

It’s us who feel the rain

I watched it go, and felt it come

Innocence is taken back

By pleasing natural curiosity

Sun on my face

Waves crashing against the shore saturating each pebble

each cell of my body

Time, a monotonous clock… ticking endlessly

Eternity holds no boundaries

Neither can feelings be measured

We have a destiny

To effect, teach, and learn

To each people we meet gather in the streets

Things that were meant to be, but not meant to happen.

Things said               but never heard, all good words.

Love forever,              that never existed.

hypocrisy teaches an ego

all eyes will see through hate crimes

Don’t brainwash a child over an issue

Love is sacred ,                                                across all boundaries,                                   Across time

Holding and piecing your morals together

Naked shall be true

Upfront are vows Hold now tendency

To scatter personal meaning

To bad situations

Only to find hope in the mirror

Inspire each person we meet With positive insight And help this world.

As energy caresses get deep into new evolutions

Mark each heart with meaning

¿Cuál es el significado de la vida?”