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transiet prostitute

Transient prostitute

give way from slave

to paid whore

gathering little naive

girls teaching them how to score sick fuck pimps

the evilest of mankind

selling the rape of a virgin for the

highest price

once used and contaminated

shape shifted as property + investment

careless in quality of life

should be castrated

tide up +bent over

for inmates to see the

endless asshole to abuse

High or power~Trinity love

Submissive sunlight, breaking through dim, sensations of life force, verbalizations of him.

Hand out, head down, wander in single file. Freedom in shackled vassalage denial.

Obligatory elders, crowned in dust, pursuant oil can, frozen with rust.

Broken benevolence, euphoric malaise, pontificate mumbled pantheon praise

Knock kneed prostration, embodied benign, emphysema hacking out chunks of divine .

Bend, bow, slither and moan, forget to remember your’ never alone



exploited/ 37/ soul love saga

So many missing children



thrown on walls

milk cartons

now takes

for every one to see

gone from the life

they know forever


they are alive /living

in good hands

dead /decaying

forgotten trauma

lost horror


slave trades


sometimes they never

find a way to escape.

those that do are

forever etched

in our memory

a parents worst nightmare

plagued by lost time.

welcomed into the community

with open arms

and unbearable

questions lost in the

deepest recesses of of the mind