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desire/19/soul love saga

spring 2013 083

Buddah says ‘ all pain derives from desire’  How do you set your self free when desire plays songs in your head?? Here is mine


burning a whole in my soul

unfulfilled  crisp and cold

in the middle of fire


I can’t hide these secrets anymore

in my eyes you will see

the passion inside

creeping by

holding my emotions down

its a sensation

desires fills my mental plain

ohh desire

to many secrets to hide

to many secrets inside

set them free making me wild

there is no denying

desire  is in my eyes

how I feel is real


grateful recognition/24/soul love saga


impressionsteal your face goddess

so everyone can hear

how much this means

I admire much

needing more

Ill explore

in grateful recognition

of our impressionable dead

in grateful recognition

of our dead who left an



drumming/37/soul love saga

This drum is alive

beating like the

first rhythm

of creation

connected to

the divine

is alive

all the fires burning

in my soul

drumming this beat

in the midst of creation

pure sound vibrating

your eardrums

pulsing through your veins

rocking your soul

to thrive


with vitality

summons the dead/37/soul love saga

on restless nights
I summons the Dead
they rock my soul to sleep
with a lackadaisical
sweet memories that
make me shine
away the nightmares
phising smoothed my
ruff edges and saved
me from a dismal
caught up in the music
I bounced around the room
at my my lowest
comfort in the community
that sustains the soul
where the sirens call
and those timeless moments
where we can be
freesteal your face goddess

wild woman/ 35/ soul love saga

Wild woman
I have felt my wild woman
in the midst of transition
a mother bear guiding
her cubs
from danger
I have felt my wild woman
as a drum through the night
by the fire
as I dance by the hot flames
rythm beats a vibration
within my body
I have felt her urge
to stay on my path
of enlightenment
to empower
my waken moments
to do what needs
to be done
for me
my family
and the world
I have felt my wild woman
inside me as I lose time
inside the midst of creation
and the transition into motherhood
I see her in my art
in my art
I see my soul
in my soul is her

harvest rites and rituals/36/ soul love saga

to plow our ways
leveling and overtaking

charcoal  and pastel  $100
charcoal and pastel $100

rippling energy /part 2/ 25/ soul love saga

woman in the wind  water colour original  by Michelle $100
woman in the wind
water colour original
by Michelle
A crow sweeps the overhead sky.
Declaring his position
He lands on the highest tree between us
I can’t tell the difference between my own
happieness and sadness.
Her face holds no expression
Somewhere between life and death
she dreams
not before yesturday
she is content enjoying each minute.
Now there is no time
there is no sadness:
there is no rhyme or reason

I wonder does she know I am here?
IF only there is someway to protect the innocent
from a reality that is so complex and harsh.
protect this moment
How wide and small this world is
Where there is no day
that time becomes irrelevant
All my life
all I know is all
connecting as I stand here
I began to realize and release the impact of society on my mind
the stresses that never ends
Having this one day that I can do without.
If my nightmares could leave for one night
My angst to just be arrives
to enjoy my time on earth
at this very moment.
I watch the slightest smile
embrace her face
Not letting distractions bother her
or make her turn from
her position in the grass
the mystical orchard gave away
the presence of the spiritual world around her
the faces of the forest appear
with the slightest expression
the past present and future
all are happening at once
This girl has the gift of magik
that is hers alone and ours to share
if we dare learn.
As the mist of figures dance by on their own time
I become dizzy the heat of the day has me, I sit
feeling the warmth of the sun on my exposed flesh.
My sundress flowing in the slight breeze.
I close my eyes off of this dreamland
to gather these overwhelming emotions
I’ve been intoxicated with the days perspectives
In my waking
life is hazy.
she stands looking as if she is waking too.
we stand ,
stretching our arms as high as we can
and yawn in fresh oxygen
to gather our senses
Standing facing me.
she smiles freely
and undoes the ribbon
that holds her long sky blue flowing dress on.
Looking past the heavens
her dress falls to the wild flowers at her feet.
Slowly she walks away from her
clothing and material posessions
towards me.
She gazes at the solar energy
produced from above as
it is slowly falling
across the sky behind the mountain of dunes.
She reaches so high
then stretches again to the sun not yet set.
she starts to spin,
faster and faster
she’s spinning
around and around
till gravity takes her.
She laughs and rolls around
among the lazy susans
ans the queen anns lace ticles her beyond control
I laugh too at her infectious behavior.
She watches the clouds turn shapes and make her favorite characters.
I turn away from the most feared shadows.
the clouds can only mistify the girl for so long.
Soon, she jumps up and runs as fast as she can go
her hair flowing behind her like a wild fire out of control.
The sun raidiates of her naked body freshly
as she circulates the glory of the day
through her blood.
I run to join her in her journey.
seizing the day
each muscle joins us on an endless mission.
I’m not just here as an audience
in amazement of this girl before me.
I wonder if anyone watches us.
I speak in a voice loud enough
for the world around me to hear.
above the music of the orchard
to the ocean we run.
We slow down as the horizon comes into view.