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winter2012 178Vagina experience
My first experience of the Vagina Monologues was February 14, 2004. it was just the dose that I needed. I had left my husband just a few days earlier. It was late at night and it was the HBO special. All the kids were sleeping on my mother’s floor. I was hoping that we would find a way to gain strength and insight. I had only vaguely heard of the monologues before. I was so amazed with Eve’s courage. How gracefully she was able to speak about vaginas. At that moment, my life was just crawling out of turmoil and I really didn’t know what direction to go, never did I guess that I would be able to get up in front of hundreds and talk about my coochi snoorcher. Never mind talking to hundreds of people about signing my vagina petition but that was to be in my future. That is a big thing, considering that I had sworn off the whole vagina thing as it was, being in the spotlight and talking about vagina’s at least I had my clothing on.

At that point in my life when I saw it for the first time I had nowhere to go but up. There was nowhere to go for a while. The show touched on so many aspects of my life I hadn’t let myself even feel or acknowledge in a while. I remember laying there crying for the few hours that the show played as she hit on the different cords that I had forgotten to listen too. I wasn’t crying about my failed marriage, not even about my broken arm all deformed, or that my life was not as I had planned it to be. I was changing my life as the show progressed I was changing, I was never going to be a good wife and that was o.k. I was never going to go back and that was o.k. too. This was just the excuse that I needed to move into the mindset that I need in order to be a thriving independent female, a single mother of three children under 3 years of age I know I keep saying that. This is a big deal. It makes all the difference in the world there is no down time I am always a mom first.

It was so perfect that I found the monologues when I did. Because there are those times when you just don’t know how to put one foot in front of the other and that was then.

I came to understand how just much the human can really endure and survive, and as misery loves company. I had been put in my place. Knowing that there were others who had been through the extremities and eventually continued on with their lives made what I was going through easier. I am not alone. There is hope and that is through the commitment to make life, all life better

second monologues/32/soul love saga

Second Monologues
February 13,2008
It has been four years this week that I have been single, free from the married life, without a partner I have endured parenthood, I have headed two festivals, received my degree, and kept us living. We have a roof over our heads. Food in our belly and lights in the dark, we have TV. With no child support the kids are blessed with an overabundance of clothes and toys in there ever messy rooms, we are doing ok.

There are women all over the world who this Valentine’s Day could use the blessings that I have received. We are in the age of Darfur. There is a massive genocide that is taken place and since there is no oil to speak of in that country our government doesn’t want to help them. Terror has taken place tens and thousands of women have been raped, 85 % percent of women have had their genitals mutilated. How on earth could this be possible in this day in age? I just wish there was some way to reach out and protect them.

This past week I had gone to the Dean and asked why the monologues hadn’t progressed any further. She ran around me with her words and gave me her valid list of excuses that she had that she was holding as an obstacle in front of us. She wanted a list of stuff that could help anyone of the participants through post-traumatic stress disorder that could be associated with the outcome of putting on the production. Saying last year several women were hospitalized from the cast because of it,. No one that was a part of the cast last year could figure who it was.

There were two women who were hospitalized; one was because she needed to be rehabilitated after a drinking binge and the other had been raped. She had been raped. They both want the production to happen. But it was not specifically because of the vagina monologues. In a day in age when there is still women being brutalized by the masses any Post traumatic stress disorder that could be possible from participating in the monologues talking about other women’s stories doesn’t really mean much in view the whole picture. Not when we have to take into account the greater good.