I surrender to the goddess within
screaming at me to
feel the feelings I forgot.
to feel desire, want and wishes
to live for love, in love and around it.
satisfy my longing, my mind and body.
to create from chaos and swim with rapture in Giai’s womb
exploring her fragile ecosystem
to touch and be touched

as I heal I am healing.
as I push my body beyond its boundaries releasing fear.
to savor every moment ad if it were my last
savor the divine connection embodying the power of creation.
satisfying dreams and desires


manifesting love

I love it that love is so abundant in all areas of my life flowing into my darkness
embodying my soul and whispering in my ears
sweet sounds to rock my soul
I love it that love has found me
entangled every fiber of my being healing me
choosing me
and filling my cells with the vibrational energy of manifestation

milk and roses

Soaking in milk and roses
saturating my being
nurturing my body.

I’ve been so broken
I appreciate this moment.
releasing and letting go
so I can heal
so I can move forward
Tracing my being
finding my curves
touching my skin with honey

soak my dignity
saturated in milk and roses
nourish to live
care to love and be loved
swimming in sorrows
that go down the drain
leaving me only with
my intentions

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D4️⃣ Goddess Pose πŸ’«βœ¨πŸŒΉ We are halfway through, but pls allow me to take this time to thank each of you who took time out of your busy schedule to come play with us and bring out your Fierce Goddess Kali side. It is definitely not an easy challenge, and for most of us, it forces us to get out of our comfort zone in our practice. But you showed up anyway. My co hosts and I appreciate you. It has been an enlightening, heart transforming and empowering yoga challenge, that we have been talking about the energy shift we’ve been feeling even as we write out our captions. We are just grateful you decided to be a part of our #KaliTribe πŸ”₯βš”οΈπŸ”₯ I see your light. I recognize it. I honor you. I appreciate you. Thank you. πŸ™πŸ½πŸ’«βœ¨ . * I tried to go through the gallery and compile this collage the best way I can to not leave anyone out. If I did, I apologize and know that it is not intentional. Also, IG won’t let me tag everyone, but know that everyone holds a space in my heart.* . #EmbracingKali ✨ Hosts ✨ @bellachandra1113 @iciget2 @chuckelledge @thezenyogimuse @katavaya_ @shakti.la . . . . . #yoga #yogapants #yogagirl #yogachallenge #goddesspose #yogainspiration #yogajourney #yogaeverywhere #yogaoutdoors #outdoors #yogi #yogini #yogapractice #yogaeverydamnday #fitness #yogafit #practiceandalliscoming #yogacommunity #vibes #om #shanti #goddess #yogapose #asana #yogafun #yogachallenge #yogalove

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I haven’t bombarded you with my usual abundance of
poetry and panic, Inspiration and muse.
My days are endless
and my nights feel sleepless and dreamless.
I hardly have time for a shower
never mind let the flow
of words vibrate from the ethers.
When did this happened to me?
Today fierce and determined
Not to undermine my soul
I set out the path
To find my way.
you can rise above reality
and set your soul free.
Find the truth of who you are.
You don’t have to know why people make the choices they do.
Realize it’s based in fear, love or ignorance.
It’s not you.
If it’s supposed to happen
All the obstacles in the world won’t matter
Let it go and be who you were meant to be. Better than you were yesterday

today I need to embrace the powers of the goddess.
I need help to figure out what the right path is.
I need the sacred dance in my life
a divine union between souls that is abundant,
and conaistent
dance in the elements
balance on this earth
in this realm
where I always have to be mindful
for one moment in time I was connecting with my ancestors
dancing on lay lines and absorbing the blissful energy

Sacred holistic arts

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