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wordporn I love you/38/soul love saga


dreaming with  mizpah intent

I found you there…

our bond connected through time and space

connected through life and death

feelings of retrouvailles

enveloped my body

I dance with abandonment

retrouvailles your all mine for a day

You grab me

because I wasn’t expecting you to be standing there

I looked at your face the joy emanated from my body

as you had grown and I had changed

reunited for this moment in time

everything else stopped

it was just us again after time passed

I saw your face though your hair had changed

and couldn’t stop hugging you

like I had mastered time

you were there with me

my air sucked back into my lungs

alexithymia takes over

I just can’t describe my insides

my words don’t work

I grab my pen

scripturient takes over


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wordpress friends  So here is More  Pieces of Soul Love.. Finally out for kindle and  Ibooks form!!! You can find it in amazon with more poetry and iTunes with a video and a song… It has been a lot of heart and soul put forth into this book and this is just my second step in testing the waters. First was letting you all read my work. I love the wp family it has been very supportive for me to be involved with!!! I was reading the new writers digest and there was an article talking about parties and groups that writers get to go to for inspiration and I thought to myself that I have found that here with you all that read and respond to my blog and others who I get to respond to your work what we have here virtually is so valuable and I feel very blessed to be part of it. I hope one day we can all get together and have a party and celebrate how far we have come and how much we have accomplished. So with no further ado I am so grateful and honored to share my connection to the divine with you through my newest title Pieces of soul love saga. If you happen to buy it now the price is $2.99 and will go up after the holidays and after I have had a chance to let my friends and family and followers buy it.


 pieces of soul love saga [Kindle Edition]

michelle crowningshield (Author)

Digital List Price: $2.99 What’s this? 
Kindle Price: $2.99

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Book Description

Publication Date: November 9, 2013
soul love saga is a large collection of poems and short stories that all interconnect. Some are fiction others are non fiction. I tell my stories of where I have been and I tell others stories that have remained unforgettable or those that need to be immortalized. It is a story of growth and learning to thrive through the hardest of obstacles. There are lots of original art and photo’s that adorn each page. In Ibook format I decided to give pieces of what you can expect when soul love saga is finished and published. ( I am still looking for a publisher 🙂 My poetry stands alone I have been influenced by Bukowski as much as Emily and frost. You can check out more of my work at crowningshield@wordpress.com or if a piece really speaks to you I would love to talk back sacredholisticarts@gmail.com I have kept the more personal and explicit stories for when my whole series is published… thank you for reading. Namaste’ Michelle

heart wrenching/37/soul love saga

Tourmaline (Photo credit: only_point_five)

Heart wrenching filly

waiting for fashion

waiting for her world to rock

alone and against the world

agate layers

tourmaline eyes

savoring discussions

intellectual individuals

who dare to e unique

who dare to make a stand

for honor and goodness

believing in justice

in the judicial system

and seeing through

the lies of others it happens

hope sparks

an open mind

receptive to universal


on a spiritual level

I published my first book!!!!!!


I want to say a big thanks to the wordpress community for all the love and support. You all are truly an inspiration that has kept me writing and reading!!!  Every time I come on here and see you have taken the time to read, comment and reply to my work: I am honored and feel blessed to be part of this community that is so much more than I could have ever asked for. Soooo there are many of your  favorite poems that you all have liked and replied to in this book.  Alot of new pics, my song ‘pottery and solace’  and …. a video… I hope you all get a chance to check it out and support this single mamma and her family so we can live the life we love and love the life we live with abandon and gratefulness!!!

once again you all rock and I love love love ya’all



eat my soul energy vampire/ 22/soul love saga

spring 2013 125

eat my soul

it’s already not whole

used + old

schooled useful tools



sex questions



of future deals

explore my mind

visions you’ll find

constant dreams

music hides my lies

lyrics are my breath

only then can my heart beat

when confusions


awake in the night

vampires mysteries

sucking the energy from life

my untold realities

everything I know everything I am

as a gypsy

passes dances or deceptions