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Beyond rumination,
I climb higher than the fog bank. don’t notice the earth quake or my heart ache.
Enter again
The nights of my dreams
love of my life,
Shaman of my soul.
Secret of universal truth Is…
We are all one…
Watch me dance

Through the horizons and rainbows
Grab my hips and pull me close. Dance with me through the dappled moon light in the forest.

Touch the center of my being
Worshiping the ways of women.

Illuminate wonder in a timeless reign and ruminate nomore.

Ravish my body’s infernal passion.

Close your eyes
learning external composition
weaving the source
of your dreamscape.

The web of
a pure existence
over and over again


awakened stillness/35/soul love saga

It’s only through
The heart of a woman
That I can see
My age race
And time settles
Me in places
Stillness doesn’t
Quite settle
Or endure
Through sentiment
Nor can I live
Though inside
I’ve been awakened
I cease to destroy
The independence
I gathered
In the awakening
In these moments
I lay justified
In my guilt