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winter 2013 659

The sound of pitter pattering echoes around me, a wave of inertia sinks with each passerby. The vibration of all those who matter fills my surface. Children grow, run and play. I know each one. I have felt each being transform into adulthood. Growing with each step I feel each and every cell divide and multiply around here. Aware of each tree winding their roots into the depths of my ‘skin’ the outer layer of my body , my crust.  I’m am constantly evolving, changing. Each building a domain that houses and sustains life. Providing cycles that are my breath heating and cooling, wet and dry. The magnetic force keeps us in orbit.  My body is yours… Who am I?

Our Mother Earth, Gaia, enables our existence with grace so that we may thrive as a civilization. She endures and supports all of our ventures. Ancient civilizations worshiped the earth goddess and women for the first 200,000 thousand years of humanity. She has seen evolution through her timeless years of existence. Sustaining us as we go about our daily business slowly becoming disengaged with our world her body.
One day while pulling invasive species from Highland park area in Western Massachusetts an elder of the Community in Western MA. Roberta, told me about” The Native American went to the Government and said ‘Why it that our good topsoil is is gone? It was black and full of minerals, the land was healthy and now it is sick with and barren?” Ever since then I notice more farming land where the land has been over sprayed and life is very formal. When I drive on the highways and roads  I see the vines taking down the trees strangling the very life of them. Large patches of invasive species killing the biodiversity. The summer green would hide it. I make dream catchers with some vines and my eyes look to see what I could create with all those vines if I had the time from fairy houses to arbors. Only I do not have enough time or hands to take on that challenge.

The earth is sick. The invasive species act like cancers or mold taking over our already delicate ecosystem. Roberta is the “Lone Ranger” of the forest area that covers this park. For years she has been focused on passing down her knowledge of plants to help enrich this amazing little mountain side of Sachems Head. She shared her passion with my family, showing us all the different types of plants that were inhibiting all of our natural wild life to thrive. We met her one day while playing catch with an owl. My girlfriend was throwing a ball to our dog and the owl thought he would try and retrieve it as well. He continued to do play this game  for a while when we came across her in the middle of a pachysandra patch; pulling and counting. Since then we have covered a lot of ground; Virginia creeper and bittersweet are no match for us. My kids  love to cut the vine with the big clippers and saws. We have collected the seeds between the thorns of a Japanese burning bush and bitter sweet. Pulled garlic mustard by the trash bag full just to watch the native plants grow. Many hands make light work.

This is our earth, the one and only legacy that we will really leave to our children. It is important to make mindful choice that will improve the life of the planet for generations to come.