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The chocolate Fell on my tongue tantalize me
My taste buds stand the erect
Salivating as bitterness
Combined with the melting thickness
Covering all my points of being
Interests prescribed
Believing in this sacred ritual
That arose from a cup of well being a cup that nourishes the mind body and soul
Cacao with a Little sweetness
a little cream and spice to warm you inside and out
Rev your metabolism
Mend a broken heart
Savoring each sensual

food porn truffles

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These are the most amazing delicious edible  chocolate ever… Warning I gained quite a few pounds this week!!! these are so beautiful treats I just brought to Mimosa‘s with the ladies. They are amazing rich and delectable and the best 10 minuets of your day!!!

easy and time consuming…. but completely rewarding

2 lbs of dark chocolate   ( the darker the better the less calories and more minerals)

two big dollops of whip cream from a tablespoon

melt at a very low heat stiring constantly until melted and mixed completely

take off of heat and this is when the magik happens than you will add

1/4 cup of alcohol> I added a very special kaluha that my honey had made from scratch but you can use anything that suits your fancy like baily’s , rum, wine, coffee brandy

Alternative additions – to make my private stash healthy I separated at this point  one pound and added

1/8 c up of hemp oil

1 tsp of spiralina

stir in completely and let it sit in the fridge for two hours.

then you take out the mix and grab a teaspoon.

I set myself up with a plate and on that plate i put a 1/8 a cup of almonds,,, Sipping chocolate mix (from trader joes) and cappuccino mix(from tj) and melted white chocolate.

then you take a teaspoon or a melon scooper and with sterile clean hands you roll the balls in them until they are balls then you roll the balls in one of your chosen piles…

for safety sake you should keep them in the fridge and take them out before serving

enjoy immensely love and light Michelle