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festival love

Is it more than meetings

random happenings

and sage beginnings?

Did I give you all of me

out of love or despair?

The carnage of civility canvases

the grounds

only to discover;


was laying within

was more ornate and beautiful

than just a handsome face to look at.

Had I stuck to my topical fascination

my life would have guaranteed to mislead me.

my judgements eluded me

my prayers

would not have been answered.
Keeping my mind opened

my expectations off in the distance

I dissolute this enchantment.

I’m not good at one night stands or

laying my heart on the line.
I took a chance

featuring a mind blowing experience

within the festivals of life.
Our ages as separate as our lives

connecting on a deeper level

of humanity

spirituality that explores

the depths of human nature

for good and bad.

efficacy of obsession/38/ soul love saga

Photo on 2-21-14 at 11.25 PMim on the edge of something wonderful

a pinnacle cycle

the life lines stop intersecting

and slows down so I can enjoy the show

the ones who didn’t matter are gone

the ones who couldn’t fight for me and the weak are lost

the one who wanders in my dreams

so real, I could taste the kiss

so sweet we melt as the sun rises

I am ready for the eternal soul rendering love

the efficacy of obsession

for evolution and revolution

preoccupy my time

I have earned my wings

I am ready to fly

soar above the troubles of today

catching the world from another perspective

other than where madrigal moments of antidote

anointing  into my soul

as this adjournment captivates my sub consciousness

safely my secret winsome tale


breathing with this

altered sense of knowing

or not

just enjoying the dream

before I have to wake up

living , loving fairy ways/38/soul love saga


what is there to say

when life is out of touch

and you can only live

making conversation

with random strangers

but my shyness got in the way

of real love affairs

and connections

validating that smile that I wanted to share

I couldn’t even raise my eyes

until you said something

real connections would superseed that

right? would gather up the wind

water and light and take me home

breaking me out of my prison

sheding light on my disbeliefes

loving in my fairie ways.

perfect combanations of synergistic


a unity that makes everything