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One side step

One side step
A glance
A memory that complicates everything
A distant angle that engages
The core
Our souls
Flying fast
as the crow sings in rapture
Ruminating in the signature
Designing miracles
Through insperation.
Carry on
Gather your sense in a state of emergency
Captive in surmount monopolies.
Hold customs that carry the weight of wonder
The fallen angel holds still with electricity saturates our being
Manifest resources that clarify
Our passion
Our desire to unite under the graces of surgency dancing in extroversion


Beyond rumination,
I climb higher than the fog bank. don’t notice the earth quake or my heart ache.
Enter again
The nights of my dreams
love of my life,
Shaman of my soul.
Secret of universal truth Is…
We are all one…
Watch me dance

Through the horizons and rainbows
Grab my hips and pull me close. Dance with me through the dappled moon light in the forest.

Touch the center of my being
Worshiping the ways of women.

Illuminate wonder in a timeless reign and ruminate nomore.

Ravish my body’s infernal passion.

Close your eyes
learning external composition
weaving the source
of your dreamscape.

The web of
a pure existence
over and over again

uitwaaien/ 38/ soul love saga



these weeks have passed

with empty arms

I climb high to walk and

dance on the wind

Im an air bend

lost in time

lost in my mind

time out to cleanse my soul


time to to clear my mind

breathing the highest air

with the knowledge of Sonder

where I am not the only one with loss

with chaos that echo’s live all day

I am not the only one with complexity

that stretches my family thin

sonder stretches my mind as realization

awakens and I am not alone

in this collective consciousness

dealing with war, plague and

national fear of apocalyptic age

where  creation of technology is

threatened by loss of the power grid

living matrix style