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Magik/ Quantum Spirituality Poetic uprising gypsy montage

I am so close to the end of this project. I can almost see the light.

When I first began it started with a simple idea. Ohh you want me to put together a book? I can do that. And so it was….

Than I thought mmmm, wouldn’t it be cool if I turned it all into video’s and had a soundtrack for the whole thing so I can make it interactive like the first one but more. ….

oh but I don’t really want people to hear me, just my words.

I want people who have never had any expierience with poetry to be a part of it and fully emersed before they realize…

Anyway piece by piece this has formed into a way of life over the past year; Collecting art, artists, and video’s.

For better or worse I have been able to really rage these ideas.

I am so blessed to have found friends that I am so absolutely inspired by.

As I make the video’s that will one day be an interactive book but now hang out on youtube I get stuck in translation.

Then I remember something amazing that someone posted days, weeks or even years later and I have been blessed with so much cooperation with this project. and the ability to make it happen.

I have learned so much and continue on a daily basis making things work. I decided I have to because noone else can do it for me. nor would they even know where to begin…

IF only all this would lead to financial stability! For now tho I am totally in awe of where this is going and I couldn’t have planned this if I tried.But know that I know where it is going…. Watch out because I am on a mission:)

I want to share everything that I have been gifted with…

Here is my song for today let me know what you think of it

play me some music/39

Just give me something I can feel

In between

two sides of myself

a vibration of harmony

Something to gyrate my life

move me all night

breaking bonds from tradition

singing songs

I’m not a musician

I just love to play

geeking out on sound

and lack of structure

I’m set free

by music

rippling through my body

noise transfusion

by diffusion

through my pores I can feel it echo

through my blood and bones

radiating in my brain

live musicians are shamans

playing harmonies

inspiring dancers

jamming reality


healing time and space with their song

I’m grateful

to seduce and inspire raising vibrations

with my dancing

reckless abandon

melodies releasing the past and fueling the future

Finding and old instrument

that has seen many years

ideas, players and stages

is so erotic teasing me

with history

feels the same way

a gift from the goddess with pealing paint

and unleashed

raining down in inspired melodies

emancipation proclamation

My emancipated vagina

rages in enlightenment

and angst~~~~

needing a thriving


My emancipated vagina

screams to proclaim justice for inequality!!!

Ravished in extasy as

a sanctuary to be infiltrated

by a soul mate..

Master blended in it’s own territory

freedom suits it well

but lust languishes in the darkness

and needs to be rediscovered

by the eternal one

that satisfy the soul

and renders it complete

wild woman/ 35/ soul love saga

Wild woman
I have felt my wild woman
in the midst of transition
a mother bear guiding
her cubs
from danger
I have felt my wild woman
as a drum through the night
by the fire
as I dance by the hot flames
rythm beats a vibration
within my body
I have felt her urge
to stay on my path
of enlightenment
to empower
my waken moments
to do what needs
to be done
for me
my family
and the world
I have felt my wild woman
inside me as I lose time
inside the midst of creation
and the transition into motherhood
I see her in my art
in my art
I see my soul
in my soul is her

dancing devil/15/soul love saga

nyc 039Dancing Devil
Have you ever danced with the devil?
Rode on his back?
Slapped him like you slap a jack?
Well I’ve got news for you boy
Now don’t be shy
Kick that king so mighty high
Common boy
Make him fly
Role a one
Role a five
Make him feel so alive
Change him change you
Pass it
Take it
Love it
Hate it
Make it
Break it
Creapin crawling
Your night mares are walking
S wrong with you hold my hand so gen-tal-ly
Ill light your path so you can see what’s going on