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Endless possibilites

Endless possibilities

Opened up with

A poem



The power of words

rained down in letters

and the power of play.

Playing with possibilities

whispered with one


From this life or another?


a hunger for knowing

with every glance.

Im a restless renagade

everything in my life is a complex.

Rythm for the syntax

complicated yet simple and sensual.

I like the challange of creating,

turning on

my creativity like a light switch.

Energy starts flowing

here it is

all or nothing.

Poetry playing on words

wondering minds

ache in anticipation.

Like a renegade running for the time of your life

a rogue wave in the sea of familiar faces

still breathless you found me.

Familiar eyes

Captured me out of my routine.

An unexpected pleasure of conversation

in the sweats of an improving life

contours escape thin fabrics

and hide reminicent

sensualities of movement.

A quickening of my heartbeat

makes it hard to speak.

Through rhythms an alliance

born from poetry and music

echoing words not spoken

like a whisper of snow falling

The hibernation of winter is over

it’s time for the sun to shine

it’s time to play.

Springing complex lives into to simplicity

gathering momentum

an endurance of dreams

dancing of words and ways

into the waking moments

endless possibilities started

when the door opened.

salicous secrets

pottery and solace

Do you shave your legs for a first date with an ex?

He was salacious in phrases.

Memories that taunt the very being of my soul

Of who I am now and then.

Eyes that would wound hero’s .

The only man I smiled at

who pointed a gun at my heart

helping me mend

as  I had been broken into a million pieces

by a soul mates kiss goodbye.

tTmpting me out of hiding

squeezing into the deepest parts of my body

eliminating the very essence that broke me

his healing hands graced my body

with the strength of a noble man

with the endurance that would rock

a shadow from its place attached

to the human side of my will.

I never forgot

the smell of food to my starving self

hunger so violent

I tossed it away with my freedom

the way he handled me

in a game of cards.

Claiming territories

Giving me a picture to store

memories for all to see.

would we have made it

before we grew up?

racing around in circles

going nowhere?

even tho


This should be easier than this….

so many souls

Rendering this life incomplete

from the disillusion of others realizations…

from their ways of life

trying to rain on my parade

can’t be happy for me


tho I work so hard to raise vibrations

tho I raise the children

doing more for them then

anyone else can

sacrifice everything including my dignity

just stick the knife in deeper

try and ruin everything I have worked for

because misery loves company

because disillusion

and disorders run your life

hear me out

the choice is yours and karma

is your destiny

if you can’t hold it together

don’t take me down

to the depths of your despair

tho I try to manifest greatness in life

putting in all the good I can

I can’t get caught in your vortex

any more…

Even tho I found love in my life

taking it day by day

I will protect it

with truth and honor

I will keep whats sacred ours

it’s my time to live

you need to work on yours

brevity/ 38/soul love saga



I hide away on this prolonged winter day

away in the book mill

crossed centuries

I would look for answers

to the dreams/ fantasies that plague me

my future has left to hold

any reason that would normalize

moments like these

I don’t know where to start

from an identified cause that might not be right

but is the spiritual conquest that may or may not be a guess

pendulum has swung in your direction

I have gone against these spiritual conquest before.

randomized thoughts of a psychic

What is true in one realm may not be for this


I get lost in these dreams

falling from grace like

leather and lace from a song

hold them for real until the alarm

springs life flowing into these veins

and the coffee starts brewing

and the day begins.

the new day begins

and i have already lived a life

from a union to death dearly departs us

crossing the dimensions

I always end up in reality

a near miss

I like the way you look

when you smile at me

face to face

and turn as we walk on by

before another time and distance

sets us apart into our families

lingering moments as words drift

the rushing momentum

of life sweeps away at our brevity

and stillness unsettles me

in all the unspoken



echo of a long lived soul/ 38/ soul love saga

The thought of finding that very person that can help your soul rise to the next elevation of existence can only happen if you yourself are complete. We have to work on ourselves complete our fibers before we can really enjoy an authentic connection.  I never know how long it will take but it’s best not to jump right into a relationship. We have to prioritize what has gone wrong in our lives and make it right. For me it’s my kids who are dealing with multiple challenges. I need to focus on how I can best help them without letting it affect me. Without letting their problems make me so mad. Keeping your mind open and searching for the answers is really all we can do. Never quitting and always trying to do the right thing is the top priority. I do have me dreams, my desires. I have almost felt that connection that keeps me elevated. Knowing myself and the universe it is hard to let go. I am a head over heals kind of person that would love to fall in love at first sight.  Serving no purpose I know there is a checklist that needs to be completed before I can really let go and dive into a relationship. What is your check list? I know I need to be with someone who is strong enough to make it through obstacles more gracefully and patient than I. Someone who is dedicated to children and their well beings like I. Someone who can dance and play… My list goes on..

Until then I will not let anyone bring down my energetic vibration. Noone to cloud or distract me from my purpose. My life is mine.


Moments are what make the adventures of our lives

thank you for the reminder.

Your words are an echo of a long-lived soul

and the  vibrational rumble

natural balance of universal laws

I look forward to reading more.

Seeing and touch

the very fiber of your soul,

washing my face in your tears

I come close as I have ever been

to another human.

With you I am someone else

without you I am complete

my days full and abundant

You take away the chaos

filling my life with your

genuine compassion

Ultimate connection

and love

Whisper sensual moments

like bliss in her last breath

solitary I find my courage

to bless this day

while tomorrow may

hold the reality




resend/37/soul love saga


P1010534 - Version 2


I resend my capabilities

devotional and lethargic

giving the most to the divine

and attracting the kind of abundance

one must work for

slow like honey and methodical

I go through my routines

hoping to find the morning sun

to awake me from this dream

laying in the arms so comfortable

if I ever had a doubt

I put my ear to his heart and listen

while the world tries to widdle away

at all that I have made

I listen to the beating

that keeps me safe

and smiles at this journey

because we are together

without regret

without reasons

that need to be defined

the world can continue to

widdle away

out of their own


but my bliss

is mine alone

to nurture

Four Days Awake
Four Days Awake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

revealed/24/soul love saga

when the summer breaks you free

to what the spring lets you see

chemistries undivided attentions lay

the wishes that may crush a soul

once revealed soiled are those

who never have really loved

but can’t stay to hold on to chance

irrelevance are the words I speak

but you hold onto chance

but you understand

look in the eyes

feel his hands

lovedcharcoal moment of  still

live life/24/soul love saga

an afternoon
not to soon
I sank in
it all started half past 10
I m!@#$%^&
then I deliberated
my erotasy a world so free
Naked at play
livin with you
would be insane

my mind wants to saturate thy soul
in a gracious plore
to explore your body
a complete touch
I lost some how
I lay still
scared to lose

our souls joined
by mere molecules…

is it our energy drives us to love
so strong
it makes our hearts beat different?

rage my life
through experiencing
I meet minds raw
and closed my soul for others

are we meant to be contained
or do we love as we see fit?
do we make the most of each minuet?
or scar ourselves with mistrust?
how do I bring up issues
that seem so hard to discuss?
when you just want to
spring 2013 152

live life

Before we had say/24/soul love saga

spring 2013 110

My sex is inconsistent
“I don’t know how loves supposed to be>?!”
YOu say to me
“My emotions are crazy”
“I know your not Happy”
“You don’t hold me equal”
“Sometimes more other times less.”
“Your so beautiful.
A ray of sunshine in those who know you”
“My curse makes you ugly,
makes you feel cheep”
“When your everything sweet
you should just be loving me”
“I see you discovering other tendencies
other possibilities
“So tired
I lost so much time”
“I don’t want to loose you”
“You hold on too tight
nuzzle my hair
spoon me while I snore”
“You lived every day for me”
“With you”