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live life/24/soul love saga

an afternoon
not to soon
I sank in
it all started half past 10
I m!@#$%^&
then I deliberated
my erotasy a world so free
Naked at play
livin with you
would be insane

my mind wants to saturate thy soul
in a gracious plore
to explore your body
a complete touch
I lost some how
I lay still
scared to lose

our souls joined
by mere molecules…

is it our energy drives us to love
so strong
it makes our hearts beat different?

rage my life
through experiencing
I meet minds raw
and closed my soul for others

are we meant to be contained
or do we love as we see fit?
do we make the most of each minuet?
or scar ourselves with mistrust?
how do I bring up issues
that seem so hard to discuss?
when you just want to
spring 2013 152

live life

Before we had say/24/soul love saga

spring 2013 110

My sex is inconsistent
“I don’t know how loves supposed to be>?!”
YOu say to me
“My emotions are crazy”
“I know your not Happy”
“You don’t hold me equal”
“Sometimes more other times less.”
“Your so beautiful.
A ray of sunshine in those who know you”
“My curse makes you ugly,
makes you feel cheep”
“When your everything sweet
you should just be loving me”
“I see you discovering other tendencies
other possibilities
“So tired
I lost so much time”
“I don’t want to loose you”
“You hold on too tight
nuzzle my hair
spoon me while I snore”
“You lived every day for me”
“With you”

disobeyed/23/soul love saga

spring 2013 101

I try to slide through
scape through
this scenery
ackward encounters
punish us
makes our minds
our time
I wanted to be the all
to everyone
all to my children
when they disobeyed
I lost my words
to say

Im so scared
I lost myself
I don’t know how to handle
you holding her
losing the security and comfort
you give me
your love so sweet
I slashed your innocence
stole your virginity
our relationship
ignited in one night

fates signal/24/soul love saga

spring 2013 113

base of my morals
saw way to much
loving him kept me alive

Helped my to play flys game and win
the things I saw
I heard too much to forget
I was conned
into living with a *&^#

Love is the only thing
that kept me from a life
of &^%^#@%^&
I could be the %^&*&^
of Manhattan now
His face was all I could see
instead of lips
I never wanted to kiss
Hands of others
I have always wanted to deny

when I thought
I’d never be in contact
with him again
I let love in
he’s always felt that way
what the fuck!!!!
I dealt with the tears
where were you?
Now I have that
sweet special someone
who gives me all
he has to offer
my hesitance hurts???
I’ve been raped
from the insight out
inside out
I feel how I feel
but that’s not
how it should be
tell like it is
my hazy
sunset scene
explain the dream
I life peacefully
no gods grace
where souls are safe
from the universe
do I dare????
I do not know
I’ll wait for fates signal
So I can understand
Life will never be the same
If I change
do I dare???
do I care???
I love sweetly
foreversoundly and costly

love/37/soul love saga

spring 2013 053I want to melt
into your sacred being
I am a sundancer
trying to find reason
through the power of creation
a sacrifice for my life purpose
my one regret
was losing our connection
playing in the golden light
I am your rainbow dancer
waiting for your music
so I can drum to find
our vibration
in the rhythm of the life
we share playing
our heart song