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searching/34/soul love saga

This endless chasm of indigestion
led to this moment of true delirium
If I check the mail one more time
I might just see a job for me.
So I search:
the papers, the listings and online
I put on my best clothes
not showing any hint of my recession
I set off walking to see what I could accomplish.
The birds started spilling out the roof to see what they could see.
Me doing what I detest. Picking
up anything that will pass me through till tomorrow
I saw a sign posted in a window when I went for coffee
when I should have been drinking tea.
I hid my eyes so I wouldn’t notice and I would have to apply
Some things in life just aren’t free
I can see when the wind blows that there will be a job for me
It’s not in the arts, nor teaching, or food
manufacturing the world of industrialization.
There is simply nothing that interests me.
I put my name on every list that contains
info. Gave every last piece of me I had.
Till the sky turned green and snowed in July
I rocked the boat and bounced so high.

jungles wild/ 18/soul love saga

water colour and ink $100
water colour and ink $100
Jungles wild
Sweet dreams
Lovers scream
Jungles wild
I hear a child cry
In the middle of the night
Concur past realities running easy

Hear me
The real me
Not the superficial façade
Open your mind beyond impressions
To find erotasy
Many different games
Different ways hold tight to passion
like a trooper
Travelin the seven seas
Can you see the real me
Conquer your fantasies
Give me
Official style
I’ll go the extra mile
Hold my body for ransom
Drive me wild
On a mental level
need a place to play
We aren’t free
Living in the wrong existence

Give me positive vibes
In a world of denial
I can’t see tomorrow
Tell me ‘bout this mystery
Set me free
With truth