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Burning with transition/37/ soul love saga

Burning with transition



twisted perceptions of reality

livin another life while you sleep


holding on to dreams 

in daytimes sun

burning with transition

I can only go higher

my path , my destiny

is all me

vitalize my soul 

feels good to be free

feels all good  to do 

whats got to be done

fulfill life’s dreams 

upholds priorities

soon as you can see

me explode

through the eyes of a raven 

cravin sweet justice

my curiosities

killed my greedy peoples 

my analogies of undermined

I hide

in the futures justice

feels good to 

the powers that be

to hold your own dice 

it’s worth the fight

I am/36/soul love saga


I watch and weave
I listen and mend
I dance and cleanse
I see and dream
I watch and bead
I hear and tend
I look and wrap
I gaze and paint
I pray and garden
I meditate and cook
I seduce with food
I energize with words
I write and learn
I am