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Appetite for desire/ Soul love saga/39


 Sweet salacious beginnings

caught in momentary mavericks..

Gaining substantial lights in the dream scape of the land…

Gaining passion as these days surmount

                                        to nothing less than greatness.

I have traveled the world

and want to be nowhere else                 but in your arms.

After the smiles have come and gone;

What is real

is the heart-felt desire

that doesn’t disappear

in time.

All brought back by a melody

or a smile

that sheds more light

on the art we shared.

Looking for more than signs

or words without actions

You are where you want to be in your journey

in my life

in our adventure.

Graced with curiosity and resilience

my tears flow like the waterfall that

lulls me to sleep

in a dreamless dream.

Fantasies that preoccupy my melancholy.

Does fear design your wishes in favor of freedom?

How could I share this life

with anyone

not as strong as I

or works as hard at living?

Who wants to share my

dreams and rise above

this condescending notion of reality?

into an atmosphere that raises


Share this passionate appetite for desire

and discovery?

An immunity for obstacles.

An addiction for savory tastes

walking in grace hand to hand.

Im yours…

In a time where nothing is less than sacred

caring for the next generation

with mindless means

fight or flight/38/soul love saga

Some time ago

a dream came to me

softly at first than rushing in as a scream on adrenaline

my fight or flight hormones raging

sometimes life is soft as a dream

easy to love and full of happiness

when everyone comes together for the greater good

other time my reality is shattered on the whim of terrorizing

energy vampires that suck the life out of my being

scraping whats left of my sanity from my skull

with their razor sharp words

amended moments of time

I find my way off grid and sink into sin

shallow and wasted yet not gone

a vessel of human life

a trace of what I use to dream

a glimpse of all that could have been

then they find me

in all my glory as I started picking up the pieces

they grab them from me

throwing them to the wind

I hope they will reseed as they grow

as they grew in my womb

into the chaos i call home

These mad moments in time

where anything sets  her off

I simplify

and clean

and hope for the best

that they continue to grow

legacy/ 25/ soul love saga


It’s the difference
between darkness and light
like the ying and yang
a perfect equation
four your soul to rise
to pure beyond
half dark shadows half full of pure love light
webs built together
never without that connection
to the interconnection
not a dream an insight
just a minute in life
a second of thought
everything is energy
from our very move
the lift we
turn on our very sins
the hours we carry on
we strive for passion
to carry on

april 11

sweet sin/ soul love saga

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For victory
Sweet sin let me win again
Freedom rings for
Dancing days singing craz
Lovers safe from
Un just fate
Traveling days
Dreams to share
Sweet sin gypsies win again
Freedom rings
My words ball
Sweet sin Gypsies win
Freedom rings
My words fall
sweet sin let me ride again
I’m gonna live a dream
Join the freaks travel shows
Be with my friends
Smoke pot my days away
On the beach
Screaming heat
Dance and sing gypsies
Win again
Soul for arrival
Mysteries fortune
To live where life never ends
Circus is legends

A Dreams Journey/18/soul love saga

nyc 066
A Dreams Journey

When a dream concurs your heart,
A journey is long lived alone.
Eclipsing my moon,
tryin so hard to find my home.
Looking for dawn
Scrounging new strength
Learning and loving
This experience.
When a dreams all you have
Diggin deep for change
Hiding fear
Livin on
Desires deceit
The stars are all you need
When innocence captures your eyes.
Someone’s always preying on fresh meat
Talking a straight living
Keeping a dreaming mind
Stayin high without falling down