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wild woman/ 35/ soul love saga

Wild woman
I have felt my wild woman
in the midst of transition
a mother bear guiding
her cubs
from danger
I have felt my wild woman
as a drum through the night
by the fire
as I dance by the hot flames
rythm beats a vibration
within my body
I have felt her urge
to stay on my path
of enlightenment
to empower
my waken moments
to do what needs
to be done
for me
my family
and the world
I have felt my wild woman
inside me as I lose time
inside the midst of creation
and the transition into motherhood
I see her in my art
in my art
I see my soul
in my soul is her

love/37/soul love saga

spring 2013 053I want to melt
into your sacred being
I am a sundancer
trying to find reason
through the power of creation
a sacrifice for my life purpose
my one regret
was losing our connection
playing in the golden light
I am your rainbow dancer
waiting for your music
so I can drum to find
our vibration
in the rhythm of the life
we share playing
our heart song