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sublime manifestations


Can you really be seen for the boundless cells of energy
grid lined with your body, outside of your body
a transmission of all ascension
creation to renagade soul solutions.

We are at the peak of enlightenment
an open door to the universal energies
of the sun, moon, and stars
pure energy guiding us
or reflecting from our bodies by way
of our influx of toxicity
pure energy that sustains us
leaving our reality in sublime manifestations
gathering our soulmates to play
in the great beyond

Transform into
trancendental being of enlightenment
through meditation
Opening the chakra’s through the divine light
allowing light energy to radiate through you
into the earth
a matrix style of healing
Where the higherself integrates
with mind, body and soul
one love
cells regenerate
and agelessness
falls into timelessness
As a guidence overtakes and directs you where to go…

listen/38/soul love saga


I listen

I really hear

Being here

and present

in the moment

the quiet without



whines + cries

+other staples of childhood

I listen

to the stillness of the morning


without obligation or instances

I listen to the sound of the wind

the hollow of the wood

I listen to my heartbeat

and the sound of the sun

I wait for the waves

to feel the vibration 

out here in the mountains

I listen to animals

walking in the woods

the leaves rustle

the brook flowing

I listen to the sound of my wants

my desires

and the universe

letting it all flow through me


fight or flight/38/soul love saga

Some time ago

a dream came to me

softly at first than rushing in as a scream on adrenaline

my fight or flight hormones raging

sometimes life is soft as a dream

easy to love and full of happiness

when everyone comes together for the greater good

other time my reality is shattered on the whim of terrorizing

energy vampires that suck the life out of my being

scraping whats left of my sanity from my skull

with their razor sharp words

amended moments of time

I find my way off grid and sink into sin

shallow and wasted yet not gone

a vessel of human life

a trace of what I use to dream

a glimpse of all that could have been

then they find me

in all my glory as I started picking up the pieces

they grab them from me

throwing them to the wind

I hope they will reseed as they grow

as they grew in my womb

into the chaos i call home

These mad moments in time

where anything sets  her off

I simplify

and clean

and hope for the best

that they continue to grow

creation/37/soul love saga




You are a divine

ray of light

amazing in grace

+ glory

you are a master

of this dimension

inspiring other realms

of creation

for creation


Hubble telescope image known as Pillars of Cre...
Hubble telescope image known as Pillars of Creation, where stars are forming in the Eagle Nebula. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

r energy

ripples above and beyond

in waves of love and reiki

once upon a time

I devoured in your likeness

and cherished

your words

ohhh how you whispered

big things

having patients

for us not directly on the path

showing us your guiding light

unto our path











through it all/37/soul love saga



it’s hard to find the higher self

the light energy being

that guides our way

staying connected to yourself

through true means

some people are so far removed from it

how do you continue

how do you continue to show

love to those who don’t deserve it

showering unkind favors

dragging a few followers

into a cess pool

splashing anyone around

Every day you will find me



in pool of darkness

trying to make it shine

bright and bold

manifesting greatness

though it all

compatible instability/24/soul love saga

Do I choose???
A land of constant energy
sexual compatibility
and instability????
Or a land of comfort
so relaxed
I can’t stand to see
I lied so I wouldn’t hurt again
two days
where my life
purpose is…
spring 2013 151

universal possibilities: soul love saga/37


If each universe has endless possibilities
then there could be endless universes
Making up the great energy of light

Each life force has endless lives
Each life has endless choices to live out
And infinite amount of chances to make all the right choices
That give you the life full of ecstasy that you crave
Until the light inside and the aura outside bared bright enough
To light up everyone’s life.
Until you have experienced everything

of all the species that ever existed from ameba’s to humans
Plants and butterflies
Living until all of your options have been utilized
And every emotion has been mastered
Until complexity of lives emotions and experiences
Fill in the space with its complex web
Like a dream catcher or a ball of rubber bands
Until we become part of the flicker of light
That can be seen from the
Next galaxy