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Our nights are flown in rumination.
Dancing in the ether with our souls
while our earthly bodies entangle
In rapture.
I had no want before us
Now I am hungry all the time.
Desire burns through my being
painfully the further away you are.
Burning so bright together my heart chakra illuminates the future.
Magnetizing my embodiment of possibility.
The dreams we shared.
The reality we lived so good

Authentic life

Why do people thrive on the anger red hot boiling the blood rushes to your face and calls your adrenaline to come play ?
they live for drama .
make messes of lives trying to eradicate any good feelings so the only thing that can coexist is us against them .
but it’s not us against them it’s we in the world.
 nothings going to get better unless we stand as a divided front.
Against those who seek to destroy our nature.
I don’t get offended by how many people don’t read my work when I see what it is they do pay attention too.
so I have a heartfelt thanks to those who take their moments to get lost my work 

and my world 

my heart 

because it’s everything I am and everything i stand for and you have to stand for something 

or like the rest you’re going to fall for everything 
you’ll be like the cattle told which way to go and how to get there .

where not to go and where to stand when to sleep went to breath.
That’s not us. 

It’s not who we are.

Natural born renegades fending of the throws of addictions to technology, drugs, drama,processed shit.
We are the strong searching out an original authentic life. 

Trying to find our place here and redefine our place on the timeline 


Luminous is the color between usA hug that invokes endorphins 

Rushing blood rises to my cheeks I feel my temperature rise

You move me beyond words 

In this wild world.

You move me in the music you make

Dancing in ecstasy

To the rhythm of love

keep the evolution fires burning

This is the end of 2013

the end of recognizance

to others undeserving

time to inspire lead and initiate

true bonds without bondage

love without obligation or angst

this is the time to settle in after a long fight

and relax


its time to let me mind be free

from activity

noise transmission

from city scape to country

we move letting our vibration

settle down from transition

becoming in tuned to nature

quiet as the snow starts to fall

blocking out sounds that escape

sound scapes of nature

becoming in tune with the mountains

after fall

mountains that ask to be climbed and explored

releasing aggression and toxicity

releasing anxiety

letting it compost back to the earth

serving purpose for essential survival

but not us, not here not now.

she winds out of control

spewing negative emotion that she has absorbed from

her ecosystem releasing all her venom on me

everyone releases their venom on me

targeted and confuse a chain reaction begins

it’s time to move

it’s time to let go

of all that we hold onto

all that serves no purpose anymore

draging chaos and calamity through

the frozen river to be eaten by

bottom feeders,

I am done


feeding pain

feeding suffering

it is time to heal

it is time to be influential in healing

to set visions a float in the atmosphere

letting them rest in the minds of those we come in contact with

letting them wake that mordent fire

that has been  dormant and smoldering for too long

let it burn

let it rise

let the smoke and prayers

be carried to the sky

to the gods and goddess waiting their arrival

waiting for change

waiting for us to recognize that things can be different

that our cognitive abilities can handle

our gifts that we can evolve