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eyes of the world

the things my eyes have seen
I cant forget
blue grace that dances in the
recess of my membranes.
opening up a whole world of delusion
or inspiration
depending on optimism
love that surrounds me and light that energizes me.
the things my eyes have seen
I can’t unsee
from buety to the most profane
the soul of me
deeper the the recesses of the oceans
then space or infinity
alive throughthe things hidden behind


My eyes/ 18/soul love saga

DSCF2108Flyin through the air. My eyes
The way I use to be
The way I use to see
Until I opened my eyes and saw the world raw
The stronger, the harder
I thought was better
Until I fought the devil
My eyes don’t see the same now
I can’t ever go back home
My perceptions aren’t the norm
I wish there was a way
to take away the path I chose
The things that I have done
The challenges that got me
Where I am today
The signs on my body
I try and wish away
What these hands have
touched in dismay