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I prostrate/38/soul love saga

timeless picked his nose with a twirly hose

for  a higher mind

I prostrate

I prostrate for a higher mind

sacrifice for a stronger family

stronger families sacrifice

support for a community of well being

being well

rising for service

rising vibrations

raising vibrations

rising voices


rendered junk and addiction

DSCF4627My eyes are swollen shut
tears are all but rendered
sick of losing those that I love
to junk and addiction
where time holds no value
no morals or family matter
misconseption and deceit
are a way of life
what I have been through
don ‘t exsist
nothing I say will fix it
the faces I see are
those crying from skinned knee’s
not the face of death
from needles injection
the gods eye he made me
still hangs in my window
I pray as he pays