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rendered junk and addiction

DSCF4627My eyes are swollen shut
tears are all but rendered
sick of losing those that I love
to junk and addiction
where time holds no value
no morals or family matter
misconseption and deceit
are a way of life
what I have been through
don ‘t exsist
nothing I say will fix it
the faces I see are
those crying from skinned knee’s
not the face of death
from needles injection
the gods eye he made me
still hangs in my window
I pray as he pays

eternity/19/soul love saga

sping cityEternity
As though it seems
Eternity never waits…

Nor stops for fate to pass
Each linked second
Of a time

The center core of my being
Cannot compare
The longing alternate life styles

Waiting impatient dawns
Through awakened hours
I see through your eyes
Can you venture through mine?

Finding mission unlikely
Standing face to face
Won by love

I feel so alive this bright sunny day
Living life as a survivor
Ignorance is a lesson learned