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~*serendipitous love story?/ 36/ Soul love saga


On my porch I listen to the ocean waves crashing against the shore

on my porch at home I hear the falls down the street

the crickets in my yard seeking a mate

filling my drums with the vibration of sounds

night sounds endearing my cranium

as the earth takes a turn around the sun

really feeling the city sin

Every movie,
every turn, every song
is a serendipitous love story
yet nothing happens in reality
I become increasingly
more isolated with each
failed attempt
each sign
lay within an empty vastness
going off a cliff
into a oblivion
each chance encounter is just that
a chance


crystalline reasoning/ 37/ Soul love saga


Crystalline reasoning

a seasoning for taste

a flavor that saturates

the tongue like prisms

of courage in the face of a trip

between worlds

treason unfolding

in my brain

full of grace

with only a trace

of reality

born and raised

clues in this maze

crops not yet



crystalline reasoning

new worlds colliding

dimensions unfolding

becoming one

unified movement

a collective consciousness in a

world within worlds

were distress melts away


crystalline reasoning

a seasoning for taste

a flower that saturates

the tongue like a prisms

of courage

in the face of a trip



where distress melts away


resourceful cooperation

ending the agonizing

loneliness that dwells

in the recess of the mind


crystalline reasoning

is the niche filled with love

reasoning chaos




brevity/ 38/soul love saga



I hide away on this prolonged winter day

away in the book mill

crossed centuries

I would look for answers

to the dreams/ fantasies that plague me

my future has left to hold

any reason that would normalize

moments like these

I don’t know where to start

from an identified cause that might not be right

but is the spiritual conquest that may or may not be a guess

pendulum has swung in your direction

I have gone against these spiritual conquest before.

randomized thoughts of a psychic

What is true in one realm may not be for this


I get lost in these dreams

falling from grace like

leather and lace from a song

hold them for real until the alarm

springs life flowing into these veins

and the coffee starts brewing

and the day begins.

the new day begins

and i have already lived a life

from a union to death dearly departs us

crossing the dimensions

I always end up in reality

a near miss

I like the way you look

when you smile at me

face to face

and turn as we walk on by

before another time and distance

sets us apart into our families

lingering moments as words drift

the rushing momentum

of life sweeps away at our brevity

and stillness unsettles me

in all the unspoken



echo of a long lived soul/ 38/ soul love saga

The thought of finding that very person that can help your soul rise to the next elevation of existence can only happen if you yourself are complete. We have to work on ourselves complete our fibers before we can really enjoy an authentic connection.  I never know how long it will take but it’s best not to jump right into a relationship. We have to prioritize what has gone wrong in our lives and make it right. For me it’s my kids who are dealing with multiple challenges. I need to focus on how I can best help them without letting it affect me. Without letting their problems make me so mad. Keeping your mind open and searching for the answers is really all we can do. Never quitting and always trying to do the right thing is the top priority. I do have me dreams, my desires. I have almost felt that connection that keeps me elevated. Knowing myself and the universe it is hard to let go. I am a head over heals kind of person that would love to fall in love at first sight.  Serving no purpose I know there is a checklist that needs to be completed before I can really let go and dive into a relationship. What is your check list? I know I need to be with someone who is strong enough to make it through obstacles more gracefully and patient than I. Someone who is dedicated to children and their well beings like I. Someone who can dance and play… My list goes on..

Until then I will not let anyone bring down my energetic vibration. Noone to cloud or distract me from my purpose. My life is mine.


Moments are what make the adventures of our lives

thank you for the reminder.

Your words are an echo of a long-lived soul

and the  vibrational rumble

natural balance of universal laws

I look forward to reading more.

Seeing and touch

the very fiber of your soul,

washing my face in your tears

I come close as I have ever been

to another human.

With you I am someone else

without you I am complete

my days full and abundant

You take away the chaos

filling my life with your

genuine compassion

Ultimate connection

and love

Whisper sensual moments

like bliss in her last breath

solitary I find my courage

to bless this day

while tomorrow may

hold the reality




touch me/38/soul love saga

IMG_2305Touch me softly

with the gentleness of a light breeze.

A caress that lights my soul

and gathers momentum as the tides

roll in for the night.

Touch me softly

where strangers don’t see.

Words spoken in the twilight hours

taken for love

given in love

waiting for love

to sweep me into a dream

off to a mecca

and island of delight.

Whispering for noone elses ears

a secret that wanted no one else to hear

between lovers

soul mates

so tied to each other

bonds not even dared ot be broken

protections from all the worlds

devistations in each others arms

moments that graced us as time stood still

living , loving fairy ways/38/soul love saga


what is there to say

when life is out of touch

and you can only live

making conversation

with random strangers

but my shyness got in the way

of real love affairs

and connections

validating that smile that I wanted to share

I couldn’t even raise my eyes

until you said something

real connections would superseed that

right? would gather up the wind

water and light and take me home

breaking me out of my prison

sheding light on my disbeliefes

loving in my fairie ways.

perfect combanations of synergistic


a unity that makes everything


moments of truth/38/soul love saga

random regal justifications

for ethereal seeming spring 2013 110

moments of truth that crush the heart

a smile, a touch an extra word

that really reminds you are alone on this journey

that the one crush is not yours to dream of

even though all the fireworks were there before.

never mind the load you carry is to heavy to do it alone

and too much to ask of anyone

and not just to anyone you ask

strength in character and a willingness to accept and grow

dedication to life and family with a calming demeanor

ethereal moments revived as friendships are reaffirmed

and followed, nurtured and thrive

under the most hostile of human conditions

through moments of listening and

intriguing considerations

the movement that one shares time

or responsibility

lifts a finger and helps

ease the burdens that you have seen carrying alone

for so long

so long I know what that is like

only to be discovered moments too late

being human unable to communicate




pulsing sapiosexual/38/soul love saga


My being pulses

quakes as you speak


engaging and seducing me with your knowledge

emanating power through wordporn

satisfying my thirst for wisdom

my quest for education

I am a sapiosexual being

attracted by intellectuals

aroused by the profound

tacenda they say

but my splashing in my genetic pool

my eggs are waiting

tacenda they say

yet these are things that need to be said

not passed over in silence

this isn’t a secret

directly observing

genetically modifying

sifting through the macho guise

for scarce intelligence to pass on

Lately/37/soul love saga


Lately I’ve been losing sleep

You fill my belly

and satisfy my dreams

prayers set loose

to the heavens

were realized

and honored

when I let you in

my life

and let go of

my layers

incomplete and worn

I was able to breathe

in your presence

without anxiety  or angst

I melted into you

into us

thankful tears

for comfort and love

my warrior/37/soul love saga




when something so simple

as one of your oldest friends

becomes your lover

that trust

those memories

all turned new


when I opened the door

took a chance and let him in

to my chaos, my life

my house with the abundance

of love and overflowing dishes

he still saw me for me

for all that ever was, and will be

when turmoil and crazy tornados

threaten to destroy our world

he saved it gracefully

I am so thankful

to finally


being held in arms so strong

the winds won’t lift my feet from the ground

rooted in this composted soil beneath our feet

the air can whip our hair in unison

as we kiss

like a savage warrior

coming home from a long battle

rest in my arms

feed your soul