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Living in the heroin highway

I woke to the sounds of the morning The alarm quakes me into day and I hit the ground dancing. 
Engaged in routine grasping bits of chores satisfying my mounting list a lil. If I could just have one more hour or a few more hands.
Finding my place in the world I’m not ever free again and it scares the shit out of me.
Again and again I am separated from my art by this heroin epidemic and I don’t dance with this devil. I change diapers and care for so many kids.
Everyone around you suffers the greatest of consequences while you get high.

Our minds, body and soul needs the truth not the addiction fed lies you try and serve with convincing eyes. 
Do you believe yourself?

Raising wild wonders/ 37/soul love saga




one said it would be this hard

raising wild wonders

late nights

inconsiderate behaviors

+ obstacles

from everyone

constantly  focused

on family

cat scratching lighting

mounds of laundry

big enough

to loose the kids in

at least the bigger pile is clean

trash overflowing + filled

with a stench so unbearable

within minuets

millions of kisses a day

from dirty hands

to boogery cheeks + bloody knees

that have been peed on

-being blessed with vomit

and a cuddle when sick

is still better than a bad day

at the office