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wild side

Finding my wild side again
Free to explore this epic journey
called life.
Ravishing souls with love and light
Leaving only higher vibrations
That burn brighter.
That twin flame that melted my ego
And everything I thought I knew.
Leaving me with rubble and debris
I obsessively turned into masterpieces.
Dancing with more grace
Gathering emotions like flowers
I swallowed my tears like your nectar
Nourished by the divine essence inside.
I am stronger.

Venus +I / 37/ Quantum spirituality/ soul love saga

Nothing between
Venus& I
All night I bask
in the glory of
her red light
shining on me.
Engaged in her
sharing in this
time + space.
Goddess of love
pouring her blessings
sharing her generous
abundance my way.
for family,
for friends,
my lover,
my gifts of creativity,
use me how you see fit.
let me be your muse
I’ll dance with abandon recklessly
I’ll create with
like no one else can.
I’ll write connected
to the divine
source of all words
you whisper in my ear.

woman in the wind  water colour original  by Michelle $100
woman in the wind
water colour original
by Michelle