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* white lilly tincture and poem/ 36/soul love saga

ch 5                    I stayed in a cute little cabin on a  lake with my family. Five miles of connected lakes left many places for us to explore on our kayaks. We would take the boats in every direction. I have been on a special hunt for white Lilly. Not only is it gorgeous and make beautiful pictures but it is really a magical all powerful healing medicine. The smell of the flower is sweet and is as  endearing as the sacred geometry of the petals. The white water lily is traditional Native American medicine and can often be found as part of  Chinese medicine as well.’ The dried root and rhizome of the white water-lily have been used to treat gastrointestinal, genital, and bronchial conditions when given orally. Externally, the leaves and roots have been made into ointments and other topical mixtures to be used to treat inflammation and lesions. The white water lily also has antibiotic and astringent properties.'(Amanda Bussen)

Collecting the water Lily rhizome is a challenge I pulled my kayak into a moose path. Through the muck and lily’s we paddled in hopes of seeing a moose to no avail. The summer sun setting and the dragon flies of every color fly past us. My daughter Zoe and I were in the same boat rowing in unison. Saving the little dragons who had fallen to their death. When out in the middle of the lake We heard a water drop kind of a noise I turned and looked into the eyes of a very dark head as it slowly decended into the water. I don’t know what it was but we believed it was a mermaid. We both saw it and it never came up anywhere else.

We continued our search for viable water lily and came into the shallows where I could reach down and grabed the roots known as rhizomes. I had been on a mission to find water lily for me to use in my healing medicine since I heard about from my teacher Chris Marano from Clearpath Herbals, one of the most energetically amazing teachers I have ever met. He broke off a piece and gave us some to chew on. the lily root puckered my mouth drawing  all of the moisture from it in a wild way. He told us it could be used as an astringent and also good for tightening the uterus.  It is very slimy but is like a stick I pull out a few feet. Take it back to the cabin and wash and peel… I cut the root up and put it into a clean jar filling it up. I take vodka or vinegar and cover the roots. Letting it set for six weeks. From there be careful to get the right lily using and identification guide because there are poisonous ones.  Here is more info I was able to glean….

“Water Lily for Healing

The leaves of Nuphar polysepala have been traditionally used to stop bleeding and a poultice may be made from the roots to help relieve the swelling of wounds.
The root of Nuphar polysepala may also be used for inflammation. A poultice may be used or a decoction may be used as a gargle for mouth inflammation and sore throats.
Nymphaea nouchali is used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat indigestion. It is called Ambal.

The scent of a water lily is said to have general healing properties.

Water Lily Magick

Water lily resonates with the energy of the moon and the water element.

The flowers and stems of any water lily can be used in spells designed to reduce sexual cravings.

Either Nymphaea lotus or Nymphaea caerulea (or both) may have been used by priests to encourage trance states and by party goers as a mildly hallucinogenic aphrodisiac. The petals would have been steeped in wine.

The petals of Nymphaea alba were steeped in wine to produce a sedative or an aphrodisiac while the stems and roots were said to have an anaphrodisiac affect.

Magical correspondences for Water Lilies
Gods: Nefertem, Ra
Element: water
Planet: Moon, Neptune
Month: July
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Water Lily Symbolism
In general, water lilies are associated with rebirth and optimism as they return to waterways after the rains, even if they dried up the previous season. The water lily also symbolizes fertility, sexuality and creation.

White water lilies symbolize peace, purity, pleasure and spiritual enlightenment. In ancient Greece, white water lilies symbolized modesty.” (http://www.witchipedia.com)

                    I sipped my tincture

 under the light of a full moon

surrounded by a rainbow

white lilly

collected from a journey up north

where I had to row

my boat through

the thick bog following the moose trails

a mermaid goddess of the Pearl

in the lakes of Ebomee

watched as we

gathered her rhizomes

in the sitting summer sun

A journey unlike any other

 I traveled, boated and collected

cleaned + cut

poured + stirred

=all for the love of the Journey

 all for the intention of healing

health and herbals

magik made in meals and love/ 38/ soul love saga

Our river runs through it.

Radio active pollutions.

on the banks green edge

The compression on my chest

Is as constant as my pulse to live

My heart is suffocating

To its on  beat

As loneliness settles in

A fixture that turns on and off at will

Leaking out pheromones

Unable to be kept

Bottled tight

Stranger than these moments

Passing are the simple reflections

Of what life could be

With each quick glance

Shut off valves with conversations

Prime year void of the

Connection between partners

Or desires between lovers

Trace elements of complex

Relationships when eyes meet

Or a hand touches another

Unspoken words

Magic made in love and meals

Upheaval and dismay

I clean to be strong pushing

Through attitudes and misconceptions

And never ending battles

Of obstacles that are life

Just so I  can feel the sun

Warm my skin

* white lilly/ 36/soul love saga

ch 5 I sipped my tincture

 under the light of a full moon

surrounded by a rainbow

white lilly

collected from a journey up north

where I had to row

my boat through

the thick bog following the moose trails

a mermaid goddess of the Pearl

in the lakes of Ebomee

watched as we

gathered her rhizomes

in the sitting summer sun

A journey unlike any other

 I traveled, boated and collected

cleaned + cut

poured + stirred

=all for the love of the Journey

 all for the intention of healing

health and herbals

waterfalls/37/ soul love saga


entranced in self exile

self in tranced and reflection



while I couldn’t find satisfaction


guiding by mere coincidences or signs

visions of my outstretched arms

every part of my woman self

saturated with abundance

of elements as waterfalls all over my body

all over my being

saturating my cells ions

in a symbiotic relationship

with me

with the earth

air  that I breathe

within the fire of my soul

my laughter echo’s in this hallow

light reflecting eternity of options

gratefulness surges through my body

enlivens my spirit

washing away the chaos and reality of life

so nothing exists but me



thrives/37/soul love saga

signals posted throughout the day

conversations lead me back to you

against all odds and grains I go

to new worlds less explored

following the wind

to the vineyard moon

and the road that takes me

to where I want to go

listening to the phone

jumping for opportunities

that signal my time interrupted

from monotony

the swelling waves

radiate the love in my heart

the buoyancy for me to

make it through these obstacles

catching myself in riptides

careful not to succumb

to rapture of the deep

as  I swim naked and free

in the rolling waves

nothing between

me and giai

except  my skin

surrounded by the elements

the taste of salt licks

my body

the sun tanning

my hide

ing me from my life

The question remains

where do I really want to live

rural or city life

ocean or mountains

this valley

open and wide

with friends

and family

or where

my soul thrives

naked immersion /37/soul love saga





naked immersion

into the ocean

swimming amongst the waves

diving through the water with

my eyes wide open

making love

taking love and

being in love

right here at

the shore



in the sun

under the rays

listening to the vibration

hoping it will carry us through

till we meet again

our cells saturated

and divided

becoming one

I open and close

my mind

my heart

my body

all in the name

of this sacred rite

sacred religion

this sacred ritual

pushing myself

beyond me

beyond this transition

bettering this belief

in the universe

and the magic of all

this is where you will find me

in nature



sailing/37/ soul love saga

Deutsch: Fünfmastvollschiff Royal Clipper vor ...
Deutsch: Fünfmastvollschiff Royal Clipper vor Pula von der Brigantine “Falado von Rhodos” aus fotografiert. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

set the moment a drift

by the light of the full moon

rippling on the waves of the ocean

reflecting all that was and ever will be

carefully sailing  a clipper ship

in memory

navigating crosswinds as obstacles

head waters making way past stagnation

picking up speed with wind blowing the sails

picking up my hair as we fly through the air

going places we haven’t been before

weightless in her bounds of reason

rocking to her rhythm



when ebb gives way to flow/37/ soul love saga


when ebb gives way to flow

the cairns we spent

summers on the green river on

building to suit our esthetics

painstaking placements of rocks

on top of boulders

on top of mounds of river rocks

balancing precisely just to place one more

when ebb gives way to flow

the river flooded unexpectedly  and changed


widening the  Green river

tearing through glass houses

knocking over  mounds of cairns

displacing people + tree’s

all inclusive inevitable  change


I glean for crystals on the banks edge

like I glean for hope

pottery and solace/37/ soul love saga



Our bodies will inherit the earth

our cells divided

The quest for liberation

for personal freedom

and solace

away from family


stressfirst warm

day of spring

my feet are planted

in mother earth

naked connectedness

as close as I can get

walking on the green rivers edge

children run

free from winters

icy grasp

I glean rocks

and driftwood

hearts and stones

+ solace

in the warm sun

without explanation

to ease my relationships with

society and my house

ease my family

clean our mess


the never-ending mounds of


just smile in routine

instead of stress

purity/32/soul love saga

crane beach mass
crane beach mass

A day at the ocean is as refreshing as I can get,
the moment your head clears and you are connected to all the powers of the earth and the moon and the water.

There is that moment of connectedness as you enter the water like a baptism into enlightenment.

As your body becomes wet within the earths waters you are one. The smell of the mist the sound that fills your soul,
that cleanses you,