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I surrender to the goddess within
screaming at me to
feel the feelings I forgot.
to feel desire, want and wishes
to live for love, in love and around it.
satisfy my longing, my mind and body.
to create from chaos and swim with rapture in Giai’s womb
exploring her fragile ecosystem
to touch and be touched

as I heal I am healing.
as I push my body beyond its boundaries releasing fear.
to savor every moment ad if it were my last
savor the divine connection embodying the power of creation.
satisfying dreams and desires

today I need to embrace the powers of the goddess.
I need help to figure out what the right path is.
I need the sacred dance in my life
a divine union between souls that is abundant,
and conaistent
dance in the elements
balance on this earth
in this realm
where I always have to be mindful
for one moment in time I was connecting with my ancestors
dancing on lay lines and absorbing the blissful energy

Tribal gypsy

think I painted my book cover for
Tribal gypsy

cloaked in the universe
dancing between time and space
navigating deep seas and hearts
with as many souls as she can
healing through waves of energy
in water and sun
gleaning possibilities of life in the dark
it’s only the beging of a new day and dawn
in the darkest of night.
a goddess rising in her power
through the transcending ascention.
Holding on to love and pain
movement in momentum and çreativity
a tribal gypsy whose destiny
between dimensions is hers alone
her community lifts her higher into the realms
as she raise her communities vibration.
a symbiotic relationship between lovers
earth and sky
day and night
you and I
worshiping everything alive in giai
flowing in the matrix of life
a web of exsistence
beings of love
and complexity

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Bone collecting wild woman/ soul love saga/39


I am a bone collector…

Ravishing souls and the likes of them,

savoring the moments between time…

I explore the earth in all her sacredness.

I explore her in all her settled griminess

or manicured manipulations.

Knowing each tree I pass.

I sing to the plants and watch

them dance in the vibration of my song.

I am a wild woman

dancing naked and strong.

I am a wild woman

caught between ravious love

and divine union.

I am a wild woman

running with the wild animals

catching butterflys

spreading seeds on the wind.

Digging in the earth with my bare hands

planting gardens with dirty knees

sipping on the nectar

from a flower in mid day

tasting natures sugar fresh.

I am a wild woman

filling my psyche with healing energy

raising the vibration of humanity,

raising children I have birthed from my womb,

raising the vibration of the communities children.

it takes a village

walking with the goddess

HI wordpress family!!! feels like its’ been forever since I last posted.

I just finished my last semester of Umass!!! (I hope, this is the third time this overcredited mama has heard this but this time I paid for my deploma so it’s mine!!!!) anyway I couldn’t wait to be done so I could get back on my path and start creating again.

This urgency was burning a hole in my soul. As soon as I finished I made this song. I hope that it sounds like I had  as much fun as I had making it.

Let me know what you think(honestly!) I would like to include it in my interactive copy of quantum spirituality that I am working on…

love and light I hope to be more of a presence now that I am finished with all that work!


walking with the goddess

check out the new spoken words to go with the first chapter of my book quantum spirituality

women’s most sacred spot/ soul love saga/38


spring 2013 127

The most sacred spot

on a woman

the rebellious side of

her nature

begins here

the root cause of her family

and self love + destruction

one spot able to rock worlds and

spin a culture into motion

a soul attachement point

her connection to dreams + families

Unforgiving + fragile convictions

loved + callused

rhythmic pulsing piece by piece

against the grains of society

hidden from the notion of spring

coming against all odds of a lazy winter