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summons the dead/37/soul love saga

on restless nights
I summons the Dead
they rock my soul to sleep
with a lackadaisical
sweet memories that
make me shine
away the nightmares
phising smoothed my
ruff edges and saved
me from a dismal
caught up in the music
I bounced around the room
at my my lowest
comfort in the community
that sustains the soul
where the sirens call
and those timeless moments
where we can be
freesteal your face goddess

melodies reason/25/soul love saga

nyc 107Melodies reason
A new start
A brand new chance changing season
Wish I was younger
Cuz I’m only growing older
Now a test of reason
Can I be the life of the party?
Love unconditionally
My broken heart can no longer sing
The melodies out of tune
Maybe ‘twas never there
I wish my dreams reality

shakedown kind/ 22/ soul love saga

come to us
We know which way to go
Only the kind
The prophets’ game
4:20 Do you know what time it is????

Shakedown stress
Only the kind
Everything green is more than gold
It’s all the same
Only a new game
And a hazy old shade
Killed the sweetest name
Safest baby faces
Only the kind
Love is the only
Positive chance for the perfect high
Can be seen in death’s eye
We’ve had to move on
Where greens only gold
Lost too many friends
Turned heads along the way

4:20 shakedown st.
Commin home
Oh I’m commin home
Only the kind will lead me
When I can’t get on my feet

On a hill she sang so sweetly
Masking us from
Societies scream of evil mysteries
Songs to take me to tears
Away from rage
Strings played on a guitar
The roll of drums
Through midnight hours
Till morning light comes
Angels are playing
Rainbows dancing
Fields of laughter

High above the hills
Angels give lost souls
New realms and destiny’s to complete
Happiness is a given
Justice is the reason
Protection of your peoples
General Principals
Will take us till tomorrow
Memories of melodies
From rainbows
To glitters of green and gold
In the pot we shared
Savor to teach the last of innocence
Take me home on Shakedown St.
Please sing to me sweetly
Mask my mind with a kind voice
I have no more tears  

No, no more tears
Passion is the soul
Glitter me whole
Sometimes I need songs
sung with soul
Heart of the drums
Music brought us together
Here together
Always stay pure and kind
Love and truth takes time
To shine through
Commin down from a high
I realized not everyone was kind
I have yet to loose my mind
On top of a hill sang so sweetly
Angles from above
Guitars and drums
Echo forever in my heart
Through the midnight hours
Till the morning comes
Rainbows dancing
Fields of laughter
Glitters of green and gold
In the pot we shared
Memories of melodies
Music frees us
Form societies evils
Sing so high
Ill never come down
winter2012 186

timeless state of exsistence/33/soul love saga

I forgot how to write
I learned how to live
in a timeless state of existence
l learned unconditional love
at the moment of conception
in the midst of madness
as the angels guide them through they’re sleep
they leave me this vision to embrace
helping me through the day
My hands are full
of love
The gypsy in me dances to the mystical lyric
my soul is rooted in daydreams
my body is surround in the oceans of Gaia
with universal energy
engaging my darkness to come out and play
drumming through the night
to the beat of creation
under the light of the moon
I am
what I am
to everyone
I am something different
I am a mother first
I hold the power of creation
within me
to create children
to create art
to create words
I am what I am

Timeless state of existence

sweet sin/22/soul love saga

Sweet sin
Vices win again.
Freedom rings
My worlds Bell
Sweet sin
Ssociety breaks
My shield and crown
I hold my sword
for victory                     smoking *** my days away
sweet sin let me win again                on the beach
freedom rings for everyone                screaming heat
singing days
singing crazy                    dance and sing
lovers safe from                    Gypsies win again
unjust fate
traveling days
sweet sin gypsies win again
freedom rings
<my words bell
sweet sin let me ride again
I’m gonna lie a dream
join the freaks
travel showes

soul for arrival
mysteries fortune
to live where life
never ends
circuses are legends
to sing a wood stocks hymn
without realities sanction

lady with red poppies

watching the moon blue/22/soul love saga

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Watching the moon Blue

I want to ride by the moon in the midnight sky I want to fly with the angels in the daytime
I’m going to burn my feet on the sun then conquer the universe with my thumb
I’ m gonna swim with the phish in the sea
Demonstrate love
On the sand
Understand my ambitions
Why I anticipate fun and happiness
Success at its best
Motivate to seize each day
Carp diem
I want a lot
All the time
Friends and family
Love all the time
Hugs and *****
Sparkles and days
Glazed and tingly
Swept away on a dream
Scream with pleasure
Giggles at everything sill
Runnin through rainbows
Dancin to drums til the morning comes

sweet sin/ soul love saga

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For victory
Sweet sin let me win again
Freedom rings for
Dancing days singing craz
Lovers safe from
Un just fate
Traveling days
Dreams to share
Sweet sin gypsies win again
Freedom rings
My words ball
Sweet sin Gypsies win
Freedom rings
My words fall
sweet sin let me ride again
I’m gonna live a dream
Join the freaks travel shows
Be with my friends
Smoke pot my days away
On the beach
Screaming heat
Dance and sing gypsies
Win again
Soul for arrival
Mysteries fortune
To live where life never ends
Circus is legends

Songs of the gypsy guitar/35/soul love saga/quantum spirituality

Songs of the Gypsy earth Magik

Dancing through the air.

I can only imagine the knowing hands that dance on the rifts.

baile, baile, Baile.

The strings played created memories

in the moments that make you feel 

in a timeless existence.

Mystical lyrics 
fill the night air.

Capturing the stories in the tune 
like Ocean waves carried by the moon.

Clipper ships mark the territory in the ripples they leave behind,

gathering momentum in the turn of the tide.
Finger tips tapping on the strings echoing 
in the chaos of the mind.

Clicking of the heals 
echoing like drums ’round a fire.

Like the heart beat of the divine 
a momentary lapse of reasoning.
an illusionary bonding,

customary apocalyptic revaluations

crossing dimensions through time,

escaping justice through the lyrical rhyme.
Feeling the vibration 
in every cell of my body.

Creating change

present and future 
 with each passing measure of the hand.

Notes echoing in my ear
 all the words I need to hear
 whispering  wishes.
The Gypsy Earth Magik dancing
to the  crying of the guitar
 melodies carrying the rhythm 
through the air.

Vibrations through the moments 
breaking through memories like images to film
 crisp and clean.

Basking in the sun
 sweet saturated minuets 
blazing through the horizons of my mind.

Capable of turning moods like the tide.

Each note moves through the nerves and muscles
balie, balie, balie

With each breath
 my ears are filled with sound.

Each string makes 
fingers dance on the rifts.
Dancing through the air
 making right of all possibilities

to be here

Immaculate revelations bout’ situations
that seems so natural.
Boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed.
Reasons that don’t
exist ….exist.
Doesn’t take away this heaviness in my chest.
When polished notions Crossed sacred vows
In search of confluence Of reasons.

I can’t touch her soul/18/soul love saga


I can’t touch her soul….
No, she’ll never know
Just how her glitter glows.
How she’s shined in my eyes.
The rays of hope
she sang sweet songs,
notions and tones,
an aura beyond her heart
All my life I looked up to you.
When the stars lose their shine
my dreams are shattered
My misconception is all that mattered
Where do I look for inspiration?
When mysteries weigh over talent
by reality
Who will concur my fantasy?
Why do we play in deceptions field?
I Wanna reach out and hold you free.
Cure your pain, heal your soul with of touch of my hand
I thought you were my love~ a strong independent woman
Your strength in words never went unheard.
My heart aches ,please stop teasing fate
You can hold your own
I can’t touch your sou.l
If there was any way I could help her now
Make her see
The beauty inside
She’s crying alone.
I can’t help her now
Master past and present pain.
Realities are sometimes so far away
on the dark side.
Envying her strength in song
I can’t help her now
all grown up and on her own.
She is crying lonely in the dark
white doves captured her mind
her loves flying high.
She can’t see where she’s going
Its so strange, bells on a dove
I’ve been through that phase, helpless substance
An easy way down
Beyond an existence of a vision
Keeping my head towards the clouds
Letting the rain wash away the pain
Like tears falling from our eyes
Always in disguise
Running with pride
Like a gypsy woman
In disguise
Without a trace of disgrace

Kaki King at iron Horse in Noho 2011

Kaki King with Joe Robinson at the Iron Horse April 2, 2011
The first time I saw this lady was at Bannaroo a huge music and arts festival in Tennessee in the summer of 2009. Our neighbors enlightened me about this chick and highly suggested her for an amazing show.
‘ She writes openly about her lesbian loves. You just can’t find someone who sings about relationships with such conviction topped with talent. She was the inspiration for the sound of August Rush, she made the music for the movie!’ How could I say no?
She blew my mind. I have never seen someone with such acoustic style. Simply she sat on a stool it was at least a hundred degree’s on the sound stage. Wearing just a bathing suit top and cut offs, just a girl with her guitar and her sexy tomboyish style that completely entranced me. Her eyes outlined in a dark angel presence gave way to her divine intervention as she went to work over her guitar that she held flat on her lap. She was singing with a haunting and slightly raspy tone to her voice. Her song was interesting and unique. Her fingers danced on the keyboard, picking and slapping. She engaged her foot and sounded like a full band behind her. The tones and notes that flowed from all her phalanges rocked as far as the sound vibrations would carry.
In her short career of ten years she has found an irreplaceable niche in music today. Having put out 10 records and 2 lps the progression of her music continues at an alarming rate. She has found her self making music for scores in television and film. Receiving a nomination for her collaboration with the film ‘Into the wild’. Her work in August Rush was also nominated.
To watch her play you hear her soul. She is a prodigy that is altering the way we view music, the way we hear it and the way we play it.
She is on the short list for ‘Guitar gods’ by rolling stones magazine. She is going to be playing here at the iron horse on April 2, 2011 with Joe Robinson. Their pop-up review says her music with tortoise’s John Mcentire is a ‘cerebral sound scape’. I will be there in the middle of it.

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