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Salacious mass

The mass is salacious In saturated fall colours.

a decitent palate of prisms reflected from the bright blue sky  

erupting before our eyes.

Most amazing fireworks display 

Of regional moments.

Breathtaking abundance making me want to dip my paint brush.

Like a gypsy dancing through trees.

Through yesterday’s leaves riding a caravan of a hopeless dreamscape. 

Only to be awakened by the solitude of snow falling on an endless dream

sweet sin/ soul love saga

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For victory
Sweet sin let me win again
Freedom rings for
Dancing days singing craz
Lovers safe from
Un just fate
Traveling days
Dreams to share
Sweet sin gypsies win again
Freedom rings
My words ball
Sweet sin Gypsies win
Freedom rings
My words fall
sweet sin let me ride again
I’m gonna live a dream
Join the freaks travel shows
Be with my friends
Smoke pot my days away
On the beach
Screaming heat
Dance and sing gypsies
Win again
Soul for arrival
Mysteries fortune
To live where life never ends
Circus is legends

Songs of the gypsy guitar/35/soul love saga/quantum spirituality

Songs of the Gypsy earth Magik

Dancing through the air.

I can only imagine the knowing hands that dance on the rifts.

baile, baile, Baile.

The strings played created memories

in the moments that make you feel 

in a timeless existence.

Mystical lyrics 
fill the night air.

Capturing the stories in the tune 
like Ocean waves carried by the moon.

Clipper ships mark the territory in the ripples they leave behind,

gathering momentum in the turn of the tide.
Finger tips tapping on the strings echoing 
in the chaos of the mind.

Clicking of the heals 
echoing like drums ’round a fire.

Like the heart beat of the divine 
a momentary lapse of reasoning.
an illusionary bonding,

customary apocalyptic revaluations

crossing dimensions through time,

escaping justice through the lyrical rhyme.
Feeling the vibration 
in every cell of my body.

Creating change

present and future 
 with each passing measure of the hand.

Notes echoing in my ear
 all the words I need to hear
 whispering  wishes.
The Gypsy Earth Magik dancing
to the  crying of the guitar
 melodies carrying the rhythm 
through the air.

Vibrations through the moments 
breaking through memories like images to film
 crisp and clean.

Basking in the sun
 sweet saturated minuets 
blazing through the horizons of my mind.

Capable of turning moods like the tide.

Each note moves through the nerves and muscles
balie, balie, balie

With each breath
 my ears are filled with sound.

Each string makes 
fingers dance on the rifts.
Dancing through the air
 making right of all possibilities

to be here

Immaculate revelations bout’ situations
that seems so natural.
Boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed.
Reasons that don’t
exist ….exist.
Doesn’t take away this heaviness in my chest.
When polished notions Crossed sacred vows
In search of confluence Of reasons.