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Silence bridges gaps

where fire once rained in my atmosphere

an obsession that concurs

only when the time is right.

when the bodies mingle

interconnected souls in retaliation.

Having been seperated for a lifetime

the time is only wasted in want

for the beguining of something real.

A preoccupation sings

melodies that haunt souls

into bankruptcies

mounting cycles

yet this is much simpler

because so much time has passed

a reckoning for solitary reason

it is understood that I can stand strong

on my two feet and wit.

there is this ageless wisdom that needs nothing

other than what I have.

A sensual quickening that leaves no body behind

escape the now for a world of selicous sanctuary

where each word stands alone

but I don’t have to anymore

fantasies rendored

realities last blow of obstacles

I am not alone

left in wondering

nobodies possesion

grasped by no hands

a healer,

a poet,

an artist

a mom

here I am